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Monday, August 8, 2022
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Lady allegedly pregnant for her Biological brother after wedding

According to a popular Twitter user Ayo FBI, a woman whose identity she’s preferred to keep secret got pregnant for her biological brother.

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In her tweet, she revealed that the lady had an affair with her brother on her wedding eve, and it led to her getting pregnant.

Furthermore, she added a line that has attracted mixed reactions from her followers. Ayo, who appears to be a woman from her profile, was critical of the woman, essentially absorbing her brother of the blame.

“How do you sleep with your own brother. And then sleep with him one last time on your wedding eve and boom, you are carrying your own brother’s baby?” Ayo asked.

“If you see a woman and a snake, deal the former first before attending to the latter cos a snake is even less poisonous,” she added.

Meanwhile, several people have responded to her saying snakes are far “less poisonous” than women.

One, on the other hand, talked about the scrutiny the child is likely to face.

In Nigeria, it’s highly uncommon for people to have an affair with their siblings, as it is considered incestuous.

Ayo also shared another tweet saying the woman in question went to confront the man at his colleague’s place thinking he’s having an affair.

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Meanwhile, we can’t confirm his claims as he didn’t provide the names of the person in question.

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