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Lil Kesh Net Worth, Cars, House, and Source of Income

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Many fans around Nigeria are interested in knowing Lil Kesh’s net worth, so we decided to provide an article on it. You will also discover his cars, houses, and his source of income.

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Kenshiro Ololade, popularly known as Lil Kesh, without doubt one of the most talented young artistes in Nigeria.

Nigerians love music and singers passionately; musicians keep reaping the rewards of that fact. Lil Kesh isn’t exempt. Just within a short span of time, he has been able to amass several million naira into his bank account.

His biggest track so far “Shoki” topped Nigerian charts for several weeks. The song was also responsible for skyrocketing him to stardom.

But what many fans are not aware of is how much exactly he has and how much he makes.

Net Worth

Lil Kesh’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $1 million, which has an equivalence of ₦360 million (2018 NGN).

Lil Kesh doesn’t have a Forbes profile. But we believe the net worth gathered from our sources is within range.

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For a man of Lil Kesh’s popularity, adding a few fancy wheels is never a bad idea. However, unlike fellow musicians like Wizkid, Davido, and Olamide, Lil Kesh only owns a few, albeit expensive rides.

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His first big ride is a Range Rover. According to reports, someone gifted it to him on his 21st birthday. We can neither confirm nor refute the claims that it was a gift. All we know is, the young man owns a Range Rover.

The youngster is not living his dreams alone. He has also blessed someone very close to his heart with a very special gift. In 2017, a YouTube video emerged showing Lil Kesh’s mother dancing for joy as a result of the new car her son bought for her.

In his own case, we can only confirm he owns a Range Rover. However, rumours were all over the net suggesting that Lil Kesh received an offer to sign up with a top, top record label and be rewarded with a new Mercedes Benz and a house in Lekki. But there has been no reports to confirm he accepted or declined the offer.


Lil Kesh owns a house in Lekki. There were reports that the house was a gift from someone. However, Lil Kesh came out to bluntly deny such claims. He revealed that he bought the house with his own money. So far, that is the only house we know him to own.

Source of income

Music is his primary source of income. But he also has endorsement deals with a few local and international brands. 

The Shoki master was signed up with YBNL Nation in the early parts of his career. However, he started his own record label in 2016 called “YAGI Records”. 

But as it stands, YAGI records is only an investment. Lil himself admitted this in an interview. YAGI is still a very young record label. As times goes on, we expect to see YAGI contributing to Lil Kesh’s net worth.


Net worth: $1 million

Car: Range Rover

House: Located in Lekki

Source of income: Music

Other businesses: YAGI Records.

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