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List of All Art Courses Offered in Nigerian Universities

If you’re an art student, then certainly you’d be interested in knowing the art courses offered in Nigerian universities.

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Nigeria currently has over 170 universities approved by the NUC. Among them you’ll find conventional universities dedicated for the study of art courses.

Wikipedia defines art as a diverse range of human activities related to creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

Fine Art: Pencil colors

In general, courses that meet up with the definition above are referred to as art courses, and they can be found in the faculty of Art. However, some universities in Nigeria place all art courses under the faculty of Art and Humanity.

Basically, the secondary schools in Nigeria group their Senior Secondary School Students into Art, Commercial, Technical & Science Classes.

However, when we’re talking about institutions of higher learning, the so-called Art subjects in Nigerian secondary schools (or subjects offered by students in Art class) are further grouped into other faculties aside from Art.

As a result of the above facts, our list will include some courses under social sciences, like economics, history, etc.

Here are the art courses offered in Nigerian universities:

  1. African & Asian Studies
  2. Arabic and Islamic Studies
  3. Arabic Language and Literature
  4. Arabic Studies
  5. Archaeology & Tourism
  6. Arts
  7. Chinese Studies (found in UNIZIK and several other universities)
  8. Christian Religious Studies (CRS) / Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK)
  9. Christian Studies
  10. Classics / Classical Studies
  11. Communication and Language Arts
  12. Communication Arts
  13. Communication Studies
  14. Comparative Religious Studies
  15. Counselling and Psychology
  16. Creative and Visual Arts
  17. Creative Arts
  18. Criminology and Security Studies
  19. Drama / Dramatic Arts
  20. Economics (Some Universities in Nigeria place Economics under the faculty of Social Sciences)
  21. Economics and Development Studies
  22. Efik-Ibibio Language
  23. English and International Studies
  24. English and Literary Studies
  25. English Language
  26. English Language and Communication Studies
  27. English Language and Literature
  28. English Literature and Language
  29. English Studies
  30. European and Nigerian Languages
  31. Fine and Applied Arts
  32. Fine Art
  33. Foreign Language and Literature
  34. French
  35. French and German
  36. French and Russian
  37. French and International Relations
  38. French and International Studies
  39. Fulfulde Language
  40. Geography
  41. Geography and Environmental Studies
  42. German
  43. German and French/Russian
  44. Hausa Language
  45. History
  46. History and Archaeology
  47. History and Diplomacy
  48. History and Diplomatic Studies
  49. History and International Relations
  50. History and Political Studies
  51. History and Strategic Studies
  52. History/International Studies
  53. Igbo Language
  54. Igbo and Linguistics
  55. International and Comparative Politics
  56. International Relations and Diplomacy
  57. International Studies and Diplomacy
  58. Islamic Studies
  59. Kanuri Language
  60. Kiswahili Language
  61. Language and Linguistics
  62. Language and Literature
  63. Languages
  64. Languages Arts
  65. Languages Arts and Yoruba
  66. Law
  67. Linguistics
  68. Linguistics and African Languages
  69. Linguistics and Communication Studies
  70. Linguistics, Igbo and Other African Languages
  71. Linguistics and Edo
  72. Linguistics and Urhobo
  73. Linguistics and Yoruba
  74. Linguistics and Nigerian Languages
  75. Literature in English
  76. Mass Communication
  77. Modern European Languages
  78. Modern Language and Translation
  79. Music
  80. Nigerian Languages
  81. Performing Arts
  82. Performing Arts and Culture
  83. Philosophy
  84. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  85. Political Science
  86. Political Science and Conflict Resolution
  87. Portuguese
  88. Portuguese and English Languages
  89. Psychology and Human Development
  90. Religion and Philosophy
  91. Religion and Science
  92. Religious Management and Cultural Studies
  93. Religious and Human Relations
  94. Religious Studies
  95. Religious Studies and Theology
  96. Russian
  97. Russian and French / German
  98. Sociology
  99. Sociology and Anthropology
  100. Theatre and Film Studies
  101. Theatre and Media Arts
  102. Theatre and Performing Arts
  103. Theatre Arts
  104. Theology
  105. Yoruba
  106. Yoruba and Communication

Subject Combination for The Art Courses in Nigerian Universities

There’s no general subject combination for all the Art courses in Nigerian universities. In other words, schools in Nigeria have their respective preferences.

If you’re interested in knowing the subject combination for your University of interest, please refer to your JAMB brochure or visit the official website of your desired university.

Best Art course to choose

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After seeing our list of over 100 art courses available in Nigerian universities, it is completely normal for some certain level of confusion to set in; especially if you didn’t make up your mind — from the outset — on the art course to study.

Reading our list of the 10 best art courses to study in Nigeria will clear your confusions to some certain extent. That’s if you you’re targeting a highly marketable course, with a very high employment rate.

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