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How to Write The Perfect Blog Post Length For A better Page Rank

One question very common among new bloggers is: how long should my blog post be? Every blogger has once been faced with this dilemma. Some bloggers will tell you shorter blog posts work for them, while some others would say longer blog posts have worked better for them. Now, hearing from both sides may end up getting you all the more confused.

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There are three things that must play an important role in deciding the ideal length of your blog. First, your writing ability. Second, the nature of your writeup. Third, Search Engine optimization (SEO).

Now, let’s see how each works.

Your writing ability

There are many writers that are highly skilled at summary writing and are able to stack up all the main ideas of their writeup in a few hundred words. Whereas, some others require a lengthy writeup to communicate all the ideas of their writeup. Let’s assume those writers are not SEO conscious. They only enjoy writing and getting people to read their writeup.

Both strategies are very good. Depending on what you are trying to achieve.  Most times, I find it a lot easier to communicate my ideas in a few hundred words.

Writing a lengthy article demands a heavy research. I must admit though, it’s the best way to blog (good research). The more research you put into your work, the better the final piece of article.

The nature of your writeup

People who tend to write a blog post for short term consumption usually aim for less than 1000 words. Let’s say, your are compiling a report on a football match or any other sporting event. These types of reports must be summarized in the fewest possible words.

Sports reports should be aimed at getting people to voice out their opinions on your article. If it becomes too lengthy, people will not get to read the whole article. From a problogger research, an average reader of your blog post has a short attention span.

So, if you are aiming for a better engagement with your visitors, then you must keep your blog posts as brief as possible. The shorter, the better (in this case).

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People who run a celebrity gossip blog or any other form of entertainment blog must also aim at writing a few hundred words. Celebrity gist always spark up a discussion. So, there’s no need for it to be extremely long.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

From my experience, search engines always give preference to lengthy and heavily researched articles. So, if you are able to research properly and write a lengthy writeup, then, why not?

Some lengthy writeup are deliberate actions to get a better rank on search engines. Reason is that, with a lengthy writeup it is easier to include all the keywords in your writeup without making it look like you are “keyword stuffing”.

If you are interested in knowing the minimum length of a blog post for SEO, then you should be aiming for at least 300 words. That’s what SEO experts advise. However, you are at liberty to go way way above that.

You must never aim at writing a lengthy low quality blog post. It’s better to express the ideas of a writeup in only a few words while still retaining its quality.

I have seen articles with less than 500 words ranking number 1 on Google result pages. No one really know how Google algorithms work. From my experience, I’d say, aim for quality. Somehow, somehow, Google knows a quality writeup.

If your shorter blog posts will contain more quality than your longer ones, then, there’s no point writing a lengthy blog post with lots of Gibberish.

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  1. Great content you have here. When I write a blog post, I just focus on three things. Those are – my readers, type of post and the message. There has been a controversy concerning long-form content and short-form content. While some say and prefer to publish short posts of about 500~600 words article, others love publishing 1000~3000 words blog posts.

    In fact, my article are more of long form, ranging from 1000~3000 words. However, although, long form content performs well on search engine, according to Google, you need to find out what works best for you, short or long. What content length does your target market love to read? Your result will help you create content that will engage your audience.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing such a resourceful post, I really understand the fact that the length and frequency totally depend on your own abilities, the niche and your readers preferences. However from an SEO point of view, what do you suggest how often should a new blogger post on their blog?

    • Hi Barakha Rao,

      I totally love your contribution on this piece. Your 1000-3000 choice of length is perfect.

      If you carryout a proper keyword research and integrate all the right keywords, which is one of the major reasons we write lengthy posts, you should get good results in terms of traffic.

      As for how frequently you update your blog, it does not have a direct influence on SEO or page rank. However, it gives Google bots and other search engine bots an idea on how often to crawl your site and add your new publications to their index.

      Everything plays down to what’s convenient for you and what niche you blog in. I left this blog for several weeks because of other projects I’m currently working on, which would be virtually impossible if I was blogging on entertainment or sports.

      Every blogger should have a frequency at which they publish, though. No matter the niche. It will help your readers know when to expect new publications on your blog.

      Thanks for stopping by and for your contribution.

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