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How to Make a Post Appear Quickly in Google Search Results

Whenever you publish a new blog post, you are most likely interested in seeing it appear quickly among Google Search results. However, if you run a blog that is not updated regularly, then the Google bots will start crawling your blog less frequently.

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So to make a new blog post appear quickly in Google search results, then you will have to submit URLs of the posts manually.

Whether you submit a blog post to Google or not, if your website has been indexed by Google, every page updated will eventually get crawled.

Sometimes, though, it takes way too long. Google, sometimes, delays indexing till after 2 days. Some have even complained of a wait period longer than that.

One reason you might need to manually submit the URL of your post to Google might be because it’s a breaking news and you want to get it displayed in the fewest possible seconds in Google result pages.

How to carryout manual URL submission to Google

STEP 1: Copy the URL of the blog post

If you are a newbie to the internet the URL might sound a little bit strange to you. The URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your blog post is what you see on the address bar when you visit that blog post.

Visit that blog post you wish to submit to Google, right click on it and copy it.

Copy URL from Address bar

Step 2: Visit search console submit tool and Submit URL

Now, visit search console submit tool in your browser and paste the URL you have just copied into it.

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Submitng URL to Google Search Console

After pasting the URL in to the URL box, verify that you are not a robot, and click on Submit Request.

Once your post has been submitted using the method above, Google bots will crawl your website and add the new page to search results.

The duration it takes to appear in search results may vary. But in most cases I’ve followed this method, it didn’t take more than 1 hour for my post to appear.

You can verify if your post has been indexed by Google by pasting that exact URL in the Google Search.

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