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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Nigerians react angrily to video of man beating up his girlfriend, as names of the culprits emerge

Peter Okoye of the defunct P-Square has reacted angrily after footage emerged on the web showing the moment a young man beat up his girlfriend with a whip mercilessly.

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In the video, he slapped her repeatedly to the amusement of some of his friends who were present there.

One of the boys in the video held the young lady from behind while her supposed boyfriend slapped her multiple times and flogged her with a whip severally.

One of the boys in the video tried to appeal to him to stop while another one captured the incident without the knowledge of the bully.

Peter Okoye reacts

“I am not sleeping until they are all arrested! Let’s find them,” Peter Okoye wrote. “This video is disheartening! I believe this happened in Makurdi! Cos the guy in red T-shirt mentioned it.

“They better turn themselves over to the police authority in the next 48hrs.

“Otherwise they will come for them. Swear down I am not gonna sleeping on this one!!!….. and I will keep y’all updated.

Watch the video:

Other Nigerians react

According to Activist Ukan P. Kurugh who spoke with the victim, the man who slapped the lady multiple times is Moses Chiuta. He is an upcoming musician who calls himself King Marett The Entertainer on Facebook.

Moses Chiuta is the son of a police officer according to 90djbase.com.ng

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Here are some of the reactions from Nigerians on Moses Chiuta’s Facebook page:

Jude Faga Jr is one of the boys present at the scene of the incident. He appears to be one of the boys who didn’t try hard enough to stop the bully.

Meanwhile, several Nigerians have been lashing out at him as well.

The one who was laughing and holding the girl has been identified by Ukan Kurugh as Tosin Blessing.

According to Ukan, the friend who filmed the attack is Preshy Ibile while the person who leaked it online is Emmanuel Spiffy.

The incident reportedly took place at Wadata, around community secondary school, Makurdi where Moses Chiuta resides.

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