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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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“Prove I’m not who I say I am, you insect” – Burna boy replies troll

Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has slammed a Twitter user and others who say he samples Fela’s songs.

Burna Boy Instagram
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The Grammy nominee acknowledged that he does, however, he is not the only artist who does that and that he doesn’t even do that as frequent as other artists.

This whole drama began when he agreed to a question and answer session on Twitter.

One follower asked: “If you’re to go on a hit battle with any fellow Nigerian artiste, who would that be? #AskBurna.”

Burna replied: “I don’t really know what a hit battle is but I’m willing to go toe to toe with ANY worthy challenger. Lyrically, musically, physically. However, they want it.

Another Twitter user responded to this, saying: “With all these Fela songs yhu dey drop back to back shior.

This reply did not go well with Burnaboy and he lashed out at the Twitter user telling him that that he is “King”.

Burna said, “The Fools that say this shit don’t even really know Fela songs. Fela went through much more hate from you f***ers than I currently do and all he did was speak the truth even more than I do.

“You are just pained that I’m king and I’m Flawless with the vibes. Unstoppable,” he added.

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The argument did not end there as another Twitter user replied again saying: “We are pained that you are a sampler and playacting like a king! Mofo.”

Again Burna replied: “Ode. All the Greatest in the world have sampled things they love. And realistically I do it the least compared to them. I challenge you or Anyone to prove I’m not who I say I am, you insect.”

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