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Tyson Fury Says Boxers are no longer afraid of Anthony Joshua

Last year saw Anthony Joshua lose the first fight in his professional career to Andy Ruiz Jnr. Although he went on to retrieve back his belts, the tactics he used weren’t the usual.

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Anthony Joshua who typically popular for outpowering and knocking out his opponent fought in a rather resolute and conserved manner.

The tactics he adopted to win the match attracted both negative and positive remarks. One of the people who criticized him the most back then was Deontay Wilder, saying he was on his “bike all night”.

“Joshua did what he had to do to get the win. He ran around the ring and was on his bike all day. Basically, he had Klitschko in the camp and he was a lot like Klitschko: that jab-grab-hold method. That’s all he did tonight,” Wilder told The Athletic.

At first Tyson Furry commended him while speaking to Behind The Gloves, saying, “Fair play to AJ, he outboxed a fella who knocked him out before. It takes a lot of guts and boxing ability. I thought he looked fantastic. I’ve heard the criticism. I’d rather win and stink the place out than lose in a very entertaining fight.

Although, Tyson did throw in a subtle jibe thereafter by saying the real fight was Tyson vs Wilder.

In a recent remark, the Brit feels his compatriot has lost the fear factor that made him so popular. The Sun quotes him as saying, “I don’t think any of the fighters out there in the world are worried about AJ anymore, his bubble has well and truly been burst.

“No one is bothered about AJ anymore and they won’t be about Wilder either when I burst his bubble too.”

All in all, the rivalry is edging towards a mega-money fight between both Brits; a fight with the world can’t wait to see.

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