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Viral video: Lady rejects her boyfriend’s proposal because he did not kneel

A-five-year-old relationship has gone sour because the man refused to kneel down and propose to his woman.

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He asked her is she will marry him. But the girl who replied as if she was shocked asked why he was standing and proposing to her.

“Will you marry me,” he asked. The girl replied saying why are you standing? you are proposing to me and you are standiing.

“I don’t understand. You are engaging and you are standing, i’m not worth kneeling for.

The guy was trying to explain to her that kneeling down is not a proof of his love for her and that him standing up doesn’t change anything.

According to the words of the man, the duo have been in the relationship for more than five years.

The guy was trying to explain to her that he truly loves her. He said he has genuine feelings for her and it is not until until he kneels down.

“I really love you. Please I love you. We have been doing this for more than five years,” the man said.

“kneeling down does not show that I love you. It is not by kneeling down. If I kneel down it is not love anymore,” Odua, as he was called by a man who appears to with them said.

“Which type of love, damn you, damn your f**king love, the lady said in anger and left.

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Watch the video below:

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