how to get free stock photos for blog posts

How to Get Free Stock Photos For Your Blog Posts (22 Free Websites)

After writing a compelling blog article, the next thing you might be considering is how to get free stock photos to complement your amazing write-up. You can’t just pick pictures you got from Google search results for your blog. You might end up infringing on a copyright law, which can be very dangerous to your blog.

There has been a recent crackdown by the search engine giant (google), on blogs and websites infringing on these copyright laws, So before you go about downloading pictures from the web because it’s displayed on a google search you need to know a few copyright laws protecting these images.

If you are looking to add free stock photos to your blog posts, I have compiled a list of the 22 best websites to get free pictures from. I have been using these websites to get quality pictures for many years. If well combined, you will get a picture for almost any type of blog post you can think of.

22 best websites to get free pictures from

1. Pixabay

nature picture gotten from pixabayPixabay has been my favorite for a long time when it comes to getting free picture for blog posts. They provide you with a huge database of public domain images, most of the pictures are CC0 (creative commons) and require no attributions. So you don’t have to be writing picture source (pixabay beneath  every of your posts.

2. New Old Stock

free picture gotten from newoldstock.comNew old stock provides you with vintage photos from the public archives most of their pictures are free to use.

3. Unsplash

free stock picture of a cook gotten from unsplash

They release 10 new high-quality photos under creative commons (CC0) every 10 days, all you have to do is search around and always make sure the picture you are downloading is under CC0 rights.

4. Foodie’s Feed

The photographers at Foodie’s feed upload high resolution food images you can pick from for your blog. These pictures can come in handy especially if you run a food or cooking blog. Their pictures are free to use without attribution; however, you are not permitted to resell their pictures, and I think it’s the right thing.

5. Death to the Stock Photo

once you are signed up with them, you get free images for commercial use delivered straight to your inbox on a monthly basis. However, you are not eligible to claim rights to ownership of those pictures.

6. Magdeleine

One free high-res photo every day (and access to a full repository of images). Use the handy filter to find images that are either public domain or require attribution.

7. Photogen

You can get pictures Free for personal or commercial use at photogen, but you are not allowed to resell or redistribute them.

8. Gratisography

A collection of free photos taken by photographer, Ryan McGuire. All photos provided under CC0, so you are allowed to use them on your blog posts, commercial purpose, etc. You can’t claim ownership to his pictures also, you are only allowed to use them.

9. Skitterphoto

You can also get free pictures under CC0 at the Skitterphoto website. Free to use for both personal and commercial purpose.

10. Life of Pix

They provide you with high qualities pictures you can also use on you blog with no need for attributions or any other hidden payments, the pictures they provide you with are all copyrights free.

11. Pexels

Pexels was one of the first websites I discovered CC0 images I could use for my blog posts, they don’t require any attributions or prevent commercial use. I have found them to be very useful ever since I discovered them.

Other websites you can find free stock photos that are free for use on your blog are:

12. Morgue File

13. SplitShire

14. 1 Million Free Pictures

15. pdpics.

16. Flickr: Creative Commons

17. Stock.xchng




21. Wikimedia commons

22. Libreshot

Final word: always check to be sure the picture you are downloading has CC0 (creative commons) rights, because some pictures you may find there may be sponsored by other paid websites. If you are over at Pixabay or Pexels, you will discover some ShutterStock pictures along with your search results.

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