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Oxlade Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, List of songs, Awards, Other interesting facts

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Oxlade is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. In this article, we will be telling you several interesting facts about Oxlade — such as Oxlade biography, age, career, movie, net worth, awards and other interesting facts.

Oxlade is an upcoming Nigerian singer. Many Nigerians have fallen in love with the fast rising artist.

If you have questions like what is Oxlade’s real name? How old is Oxlade? List of Oxlade’s songs and you want to know about other interesting facts about Oxlade, then this article is for you.

Oxlade had an emotional childhood story. Also had a cat and dog relationship with his father. And his past experiences has helped shaped him into the success-driven musician he is.

What is Oxlade’s real name?

Many people know the young popular singer as Oxlade. However, his real name is Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan.

Oxlade: Biography, Early life & education
interesting facts about Oxlade

Early life & education

He was born in Surulere, Lagos State. Oxlade lost his mum at an early age, so his grandmother brought him up in Mushin area of Lagos State.

He was barely ten years old when he became a junior choir leader in his church. However, years later, he switched from gospel to secular music; A decision his uncles and father criticised.

However, their criticism did not stop him from going into the secular music industry full time.

He got admitted into Lagos State University (LASU) to study History and International Relations. However, after two years he dropped out to pursue a career in music.

Oxlade was born into a family of academicians. His father was a lecturer at Lagos State University 

Birthday & agehow old is Oxlade?

The fast-rising Afro-fusion artiste was born on April 22nd 1997 in Surulere, Lagos State. So he is currently 26 year old.

If you are one of his fans, you should send him some good wishes on his special day.

Is Oxlade married? Any kids?

The 26 year old talented singer is not married and has no kid yet.

But we promise to keep you posted if anything about his relationship status pops up.

Who is Oxlade’s girlfriend?

Oxlade is not in any relationship yet. He just broke up with his ex few years before hitting fame. Speaking about the relationship, he said, it was like a situationship.

In his words, “It was bound to crash yet we were very optimistic. She had a man and you know how illegal things are the sweetest things? I tell you my brother, no cap, they are the best. It was more like a Situationship but I invested time and everything.

“It was just six months. So it was very illegal. She was cheating on her boyfriend with me so it was very toxic.

“We were guys, but her friends convinced her that she shouldn’t choose me because they felt that I wouldn’t give her attention and love. She went with the other guy. The guy was always checking up on her and I’m doing the same.

furthermore, he noted that because he was an artist they did not take him seriously.

But because I’m an artist, they felt like he would do it better. So she was in the relationship and wasn’t happy, so she kept coming back. We were madly in love,” he continued.

My friends warned me not to do it but that was where ‘Weakness’ came about.


Oxlade’s love for music started growing while he was still in secondary school.

Two years after he got admitted into the university, he dropped out so that he could focus on his musical career; a decision which did not go down well with his father who stopped catering to his needs.

Chocolate City rapper, Blaqbonez on hearing Oxlades single, sour, saw potential in him and decided to feature him in his next project.

His fame grew after his iconic collaboration with Blaqbonez, on ‘Mamiwota’.

Thereafter, he featured on Fireboy DML’s hit single, Sing.

Since then, he has continued to showcase his vocal intrepidity to the amusement of Nigerian music lovers.

On March 27th, 2020 Oxlade dropped a six-track EP. Spax the Producer was the main producer.

Tracks in the EP include Tables Turn, O2, Away, Hold On, Kokose, and Weakness.

After the EP, he released an album titled ‘Oxygene’. Oxygene is one album with songs which many people could relate with.

Obviously, he is still fresh into his musical career. However, he has collaborated with many renowned musicians such as Blaqbonez, Reekado Banks, DJ Tunez and Melvitto.

List of Oxlade songs

Although Oxlade has not spent so many years in the music industry, he has released several songs and a good number of hit songs.

Here are some of Oxlade’s songs

  • Angelina
  • Away
  • Brixton Boy
  • Causing Trouble
  • Craze
  • Flora
  • Hold on
  • O2
  • See Heaven T
  • ables Turn
  • Teaching You
interesting facts about Oxlade

Oxlade record label?

Oxlade is signed to The Plug Entertainment, Substrate Music and Knostra Music.

Net worth

There is no official information on the net worth of this singer yet. We promise to keep you posted if any official news regarding this pops up.

Oxlade’s cars and house

Hey! this guy is still new in the industry can we give him a break? 😉 Well, what I am trying to say is, we don’t have any information on all that yet.

But when we do, we will update this post with immediate effect.

Some interesting facts about Oxlade

Oxlade refers to himself as Grandma’s boy. He lost his mum when he was only 3. Moreover, his father was not there to take care of him.

He stopped recording and was at the verge of giving up on music before Blaqbonez heard his single ‘Sour’ and decided to work with him.

When ‘Mamiwota’ dropped I wasn’t even on Twitter. Blaqbonez just called me like ‘ yo, your name is buzzing on Twitter.

“Like Bizzle, BOJ, everyone is looking for you. They are looking for who Oxlade is. ‘Mamiwota’ brought me back into music,” he told Afrobeatsintelligence.

Oxlade’s Inspiration for ‘Oxygene

The singer generally keeps his personal life away from the public eye. But he mentioned that his break up from his ex-girlfriend inspired Oxygene’s release. .

He said, “The majority of my love songs and on the EP are inspired by my ex. I sang them because I felt it. I made sure to use the simplest English so every one, especially every African can relate to it.

According to Oxlade, she left him just before he performed on stage with Wizkid at the O2 arena in London.

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The video of the first track in the album, Away, has an excellent script. He shot the video in the coastal town of Cape Coast in Ghana.

The song is about how Oxlade was waiting for the love of his life to join him as he flits her away on a romantic trip.

According to him, his Ep, Oxygene, relieves stress.

Oxlade revealed that Davido has encouraged him a lot via social media. According to the young singer, Davido reached out to him at the very point he was about to give up.

He said Wande Coal inspired him. He also went on to refer to Wande as a “One in a hundred years artist”.

Why is he called a sexy guy?

When asked why People often refer to him as a sexy guy, he said,  “I don’t force it. I think girls like it when you are real. I will tell you that I’m a broke man, if you don’t like it, you can go.

“And I think that’s what all the girls are attracted to. I think girls also like me because they can relate to what I’m singing about,” he added.

Niigerian Musician, Oxlade
Credit: Oxlade

Speaking about his drive and work ethics, he said, “Like I always say, person wey suffer like me no fit see success, waste am. 

“I came from the slums and I’m never praying to go back. If I’m ever going back there, it’s to raise more lives and change more lives.

I was the first guy to have two million streams in Africa on Triller. I don’t know how. I’m just doing my thing and these things are working out for me. I can’t be this blessed and waste it,” he added.

Oxlade’s father

In an interview with Afrobeatsintelligence, Oxlade revealed alot about his relationship with his father.

According to him, his father was not always around during his growing up days.

One day, his father took him on a drive to Ogbomosho, a town in neighboring Oyo state and something unforgettable happened that day.

“He did a lot of things to me. He dropped me at Ogbomoso one day and said ‘shebi it’s music money you want to use and chop abi? Let that music come and carry you back home,” he recounted.

Obviously, he simply did not believe his son is deviating from the academic path they know their family for and choosing a career in music which he must have perceived unstable.

“My dad is an extremist,” he says. With 22 children from various women, his father will not feel the loss of one ‘wayward’ child.

“I ran away from my dad’s house after the whole Ogbomoso P,” he explained. “I started squatting at different friends’ houses.

“Used to say I have countless mothers. Every friend that I used to squat in their house, their family used to take me in and they were my close friends.

“Their moms would call me, ‘have you eaten? I’d lock you outside if you don’t come and eat’. That type of love. Two families. Naya’s family – Naya is one of the hottest video directors right now in the country.

“Then Ojabi who is my current manager and producer. My circle is small but very very effective. I squatted with them before I became shit and they’re still my guys till now. And they’d always be my guys,” he said.

Oxlade Lost a scholarship because of his father

Oxlade went on, “I had this scholarship thing in Switzerland and I was the only Nigerian, the only African to have won the music scholarship.

“It was like an orchestra. I used to do Orchestra in secondary school. So I just went for the audition and all I needed was a parental guardian to come to the embassy to drop his signature so they know he has somebody over him.

“The guy told me to go outside. Then he wrote that I’m mentally imbalanced, that I take narcotics. I didn’t even know this one.

“It was when I was about to have sex with one chic and my condom fell under the bed and I wanted to take the condom under the bed that I saw the file.

“And I just said I should check it and I saw my father’s handwriting. He wrote ‘my son is mentally disturbed and he takes narcotics. I, as a father, wouldn’t advise your firm to take him in’. 

“Before my grandma gave me her blessings on my project, she said I had to forgive him. So I had to go talk to him after like three years, and it was so emotional. So we are cool now,” he added.

Oxlade Social media handle

  • Instagram: @oxladeofficial
  • Twitter: @oxladeofficial

Here’s a summary of Oxlade’s profile:

  • Full name: Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan
  • Date of birth: 22nd of April 1997
  • Age: 26 year old
  • State of Origin: Lagos state
  • Marital status: Single
  • Years active: 2017 till present
  • Nationality: Nigerian

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