What to expect from the new twenty eighteen wordpress theme

Want The Twenty Eighteen Theme? WordPress Gave us something Better

Many people expect to see the release of a default twenty eighteen WordPress theme which, so far, is still not out.

However, WordPress has given us something much more better than just the release of a theme.

Every year, we’ve witnessed the release of a new default WordPress theme.

The last default theme released by WordPress is the Twenty Seventeen theme.

Although there are a lot of free premium themes on WordPress, most of them contain a lot of scripts that prevent you from easily removing or changing their attributions. This, have I clearly stated in my review regarding free premium themes.

The best free options everyone has are the default WordPress themes and WordPress keeps working hard to improve the looks and styling of their default themes.

WordPress surprised almost everyone when they released the Twenty Seventeen theme. It has the design and look of a modern website, which clearly states the intentions of the Authomattic inc.

With four sections on the homepage, if well customized, the 2017 theme can easily wear the look of a fancy premium theme.

The twenty seventeen theme is not so easy to customize, though. I would also not consider it suitable creating a blog—because the blog section is not so attractive.

The huge question now is, are we to expect the release of the new twenty eighteen theme or not? Have we seen the last there is to the default WordPress themes?

The default themes for previous years were released November, before the New Year. We are over 7 months old into the new and nothing yet.

The year 2018 is a huge one for WordPress. So many major releases have taken place already.

The release of WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg (The new block base WordPress editor).

Read more about Gutenberg on the official page.

If you’ve not installed Gutenberg yet, you can either do that right from your WordPress ‘add a new plugin‘ section, or by downloading and installing manually from the Gutenberg page.

Gutenberg has changed the way WordPress pages are designed. You can now give your site a fancy look without having to write any code.

Also, if you are looking to install a free theme to use along with this plugin, then the atomic blocks is an ideal free theme for you.

The atomic block was developed by Array themes in a bid to help everyone quickly master the new block-based editor.

From all indications, the release of the Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 have taken a center stage at WordPress.

We may end up not seeing a new default twenty eighteen theme.

Maybe the next default theme would be the twenty nineteen theme. Thereby, leaving a void in the WordPress default theme series.

Fingers crossed…

Let’s see how things will unfold. The year is still long, a lot can still happen.

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