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Aliko Dangote’s Children: Sons & Daughters (See Pictures)

A lot of people want to know how many children Aliko Dangote has. Consequently, we decided to carry out a research on it so as to provide you with accurate answers. Keep reading to see pictures of Dangote’s sons and daughters.

Without doubt, Alhaji Aliko Dangote is a very popular man. Many thanks to the fact that he’s the richest man in Africa.

However, the Nigerian billionaire is very secretive about his private life. As a matter of fact, very few people know much about his family. As a result, people have had to guess over and over again.

How many children does Aliko Dangote have?

Aliko Dangote, according to his wikipedia’s profile, has 15 children. His first wife, Hajiya Zainab, gave birth to 2 daughters among those 15 children.

Aliko Dangote and his children
Aliko Dangote family picture

In the picture above, you’ll notice that Dangote features as much as 8 children.

Some of those children have grown up and are even married.

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Names of Dangote’s children

Many of Dangote’s children keep a very low profile, hence the public knows very little about them; however, we’ve been able to come up with the names some of his children.

Halima Dangote

Halima, Dangote;s first daughter, graduated from the American Intercontinental University London with a degree in marketing. A few years after her first degree, she obtained a Masters in Business Administration at Webster Business School London.

Aliko Dangote's first daughter: Halima Dangote
Photo: Dangote’s first daugher: Halima

She’s currently the executive director at Dangote Industry Limited. Halima Dangote keeps a low profile. Notwithstanding, we were able to gather a few information from her LinkedIn page.

Fatima Dangote

Eko Hotels and Suites played host to the wedding of Fatima Dangote and Abubakar Jamil. The bride is the daughter of Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote while the groom is a pilot and the son of former Inspector-General of police, Mohammed Abubakar. The wedding was attended by dignitaries from around the world.

Aliko Dangote's daughter, Fatima Dangote, and her mother
Photo: Fatima Dangote and her mother

Mariya Dangote

Mariya is another daughter of the wealthy billionaire. Similar to her sisters, she keeps a very low profile. According to several reports, she’s so down-to-earth you wouldn’t know her father is Africa’s richest man if you come across her.

Mariya Dangote and her 2 big sisters ,Fatima and Halima, together with their father, Aliko Dangote.
Photo: Mariya Dangote and her 2 big sisters and father

Abdulrahman Fasasi

Abdulrahman Fasasi is the only Dangote’s son making our list. As can be seen, he doesn’t bear the name of Dangote. Reason is, he isn’t the billionaire’s biological son. He is an adopted son.

Nevertheless, he deserves a place in our list of Dangote’s children.

For now, those are the names we can provide you with among the billionaire’s 15 children. Due to the fact that Dangote keeps his family life very private.

Whenever we’re able to come up with more information regarding Dangote children, we shall update this page.

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