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Bobrisky: History, Real Name, Net worth, Before & After Photos

This article talks about the acclaimed Nigerian Snapchat King, Bobrisky, including information regarding his history, real name, before and after photos.

Bobrisky is one of the most popular figures on social platforms, many thanks to the controversies surrounding his personality.

There can be no doubt whatsoever that the controversies he commands are what gave him the fame he currently enjoys.

If you’re an active Snapchat user in Nigeria, then there’s no way you don’t have a basic knowledge on who Bobrisky is.

But, for the sake of people who may have not heard much or do not know much about Nigeria’s Snapchat king, we’ll be going basic.

Who is Bobryski? (real name & biography)

Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, popularly known as Bobrisky, was born in 1992 in Ebute Meta, Lagos. Although born in Lagos state, he originally hails from Ogun State.

Growing up, he attended secondary school at King’s College and studied at UniLag (University of Lago) for his higher education.

Bobrisky grew up in a polygamous family, with his father having as much as 3 wives. And he was the last of several children.

Idris’ affinity with girly looks started at a very young age; however, this magnified during his period in the university campus.

According to reports Bobrisky’s mother, who is now late, frowned at the concept of her son turning out to be a male barbie. But he ended up doing the exact.

While studying at UniLag, he was known to be a very good makeup artist. According to old time schoolmates, girls around the campus often ran to him for a makeover.

The Nigerian media personality was also known, aside from being a makeup artist, to have a good dressing ability. He once up on a time won the award for the best-dressed male on campus.

Bob, upon his graduation from school, ventured full time into the world of beauty therapy and makeup art.

Bobrisky transformation (before and after photos)

As are most Africans, Bobrisky was born with a very dark skin; however, over the course of time, he has developed glowing white complexion, many thanks to his skin-whitening collection.

The picture below shows a glaring difference between his old and very recent looks, with the contrast in complexion being the most noticeable difference.

Bobrisky's before and after photo

According to Brobrisky, every stunt he pulls up on social platforms is targeted at promoting his enterprise.

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A business strategy appears to work well for him, as he continues to garner all the attention he seeks.

Bobrisky’s net worth (cars, houses, and businesses)

Bobrisky’s primary business is his skin-whitening collection. He owns a shop in Lekki where he sells them. People also connect with him via his social media handles to place orders for his highly effective cosmetics.

In an interview, he revealed that a pack of his cosmetic sells for ₦200K, and that he sells roughly 2-3 every week.

In addition, his Snapchat account, which receives over 500K views per post, provides him a with an option to make money from sponsored posts.

Net worth

The exact net worth of Bobrisky is not known. However, it can be stated that the cross-dresser and internet personality is a multi millionaire (in Naira, at least).

In an interview during the early parts of 2018, he declared his ambition to become a billionaire before the age of 30.

He also said he has only achieved one-quarter of his targets. If both statements are to be related, then we can comfortably say that his net worth is in the region of ₦500 million.


Bobrisky owns a 5-bedroom duplex in Lekki, which also happens to be the location of his stores. He revealed, via his Snapchat account, that he spent over ₦12 million decorating the interior of his house.


The acclaimed king of Snapchat was known to own a Benz he claimed was gifted to him by his bae. In 2018, he bought a G-Wagon, which he said was from his business money.

Although he has a fleet of smaller wheels, those are the two cars we can point at.


Unsurprisingly, Bob keeps courting controversies, although he has a fair share of followers who revel at his lifestyle and cosmetics.

Bobrisky defiantly introduced something which is not quite common in the Nigerian society. Although cross-dressers are common in some other parts of the world, it is rare to come across them in Nigeria.

Therefore, some see him as a hero while some, on the other hand, see him as gay and have called for his arrest.


Homosexuality, according to the Nigerian constitution, is a punishable offence. Anyone convicted of homosexuality may get as much as 14 years jail term. So, it is extremely surprising how Bobrisky gets away with his insinuations of being gay.

He always talked about having a bae who was sponsoring him. He went on to say that his bae is “a he” and one of Africa’s richest men.

However, in an interview with popular media journalist, Samuel Olatunji, he refuted claims he has ever had sex with a man. He claimed everything he does is for the sake of promoting his cosmetics.

Bob also, in the interview with Big Sam, confessed that he was no longer receiving support from the so-called Bobrisky bae.

He was also known to be in a relationship with a certain Nina, which also cancels out the possibilities of being gay.


Rumours surfaced on the net that Bobrisky was at some point arrested for being a gay and cross-dresser. Those rumours were subsequently squashed when he revealed that the only time he was ever involved in a police case was due to a petition written against him by a rival.

Some girls are mad at bob

Bobrisky, also in an interview with Samuel Olantugi, was quizzed if he would love to undergo a surgery to get a more girly look. He, however, spoke defiantly by insisting repeatedly that his current look makes him way, way prettier than a lot of girls.

His claims, as expected, didn’t go down well with a lot of girls. One YouTube user replied below the vide saying “maybe you’re prettier than just the girls in your village”, a remark to which many other girls appeared to agree with.

Blobrisky’s videos

Below are a few videos obtained from his recent interviews with journalists across Nigeria.

Video of Bobrisky’s interview with Samuel Olatujni
Bobrisky’s interview with Pulse TV

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