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How to Effectively Drive Traffic to Your Fiverr Gig Using 5 Easy Tricks

Driving traffic to your Fiverr Gig is very important, especially if you’re interested in making more sales.

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However, not too many people know how to achieve that.

You’re here now.

This guide will show you how to drive traffic to your Fiverr Gig.

The starting point is always the hardest part of any freelancing career.

You have to prove your worth over and over again before you begin to make a decent amount of sales.

You could buy traffic from websites or other Fiverr Gigs that sell traffic.

However, if you really weigh the pros and cons, you’ll know that buying traffic for your gigs is not worth it.

Organic traffic is the real deal on Fiverr.

But before we go on, let’s have an overview of what organic traffic is all about.

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what it really means…

What is organic traffic on Fiverr?

Organic traffic are visitors and clicks your Fiverr Gig receives from the Fiverr’s search engine or from any other platform you’ve shared your Gig for free.

In order words, organic traffic is free. Which makes it all the more interesting.

You don’t have to spend extra money on Gig promotion to make sales.

If you’re interested in driving traffic to your Fiverr gig for free, here are the 5 easy steps you must follow:

1. Know your Keywords

I’d take it that you’re not a marketer—so SEO may sound foreign to you. SEO simply means ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

Carrying out proper on page SEO involves the appropriate use of tags and Gig Description.

You need to add all the relevant keywords to your Gig description and tags.

Keywords are the terms buyers are likely to search for when they visit Fiverr looking for freelancers to get a particular job done.

Without the right keywords, you won’t show up when search queries are made.

However, you must be careful when you add keywords. You mustn’t overuse a particular keyword, or else, it’ll be considered keyword stuffing.

How do you get keywords?

Visit fiverr, and type in the service you render in the search box. It’ll automatically provide you with other queries related to your services.

Content writing keywords on Fiverr

If you’re a content writer, queries you’ll be required to add to your gig description include:

  • content writer
  • website content writer
  • Ebook writer
  • essay writer
  • article writer, etc.

As you must have noticed, the only query I entered was ‘writer’.

Fiverr automatically generated those keywords.

So if you’re not a content writer, all you have to do is type in the service you render to automatically get keywords.

2. Promote your gig like crazy

After creating a Gig, one of the first things you can do to quickly boost its traffic is by sharing it with your friends on social platforms.

I shared 6 free places to promote Fiverr gigs free in my previous guide.

Most people, however, do not like sharing their Gigs on social platforms, maybe because you feel shy about working on Fiverr.

You shouldn’t be shy about what you do.

The earlier you embrace your profession, the earlier you begin to excel at it.

If you have a huge number of twitter followers, share your Gig with them.

Or better still, share it on one of your professional accounts—stackoverflow, dribble, linkedin, etc.

If you have a great deal of followers on those platforms, then your Gig is bound to get a fair share of traffic from them.

If you have a blog, you can also promote your Fiverr services on it.

Sharing your Gig on your blog or website will not only increase your chances of attracting more traffic, but will also provide a backlink to your Fiverr Gig—which will increase its chances of appearing higher in Fiverr search results or Google search results.

Blogs are very cheap to start nowadays; with BlueHost, you can pay as low as $2.75 per month for hosting.

There’s also blogger.com. You can create a blog for free on blogger and for promoting your Fiverr gigs.

A lot of Fiverr sellers do that.

If you want to start a blog for your Fiverr Gig, follow my step-by-step blog setup guide to do so.

3. Increase your click through rate

Impressions and clicks are two different things.

You may get a lot of impressions but receive very few clicks. And there are several factors that can lead to that.

Using a low quality picture or poor choice of words in your gig title can cause that.

When your Gig appears in Fiverr search results, people will not click on them if your pictures are not nice.

So your gig picture is almost as important as the on-page SEO previously talked about.

Your title needs to be very precise and straight to be point.

In your title, you must add words that make your gig offerings standout from the rest.

4. Increase Your Conversion Rate

After creating and publishing a new Gig on Fiverr, you’ll notice that the first few days usually gets a lot of traffic.

That’s the moment you have to capitalize on. You need to start converting visits to sales as soon as possible.

Your utmost goal is not to increase impressions, clicks and views; but to make more sales.

That’s why you need to set your Gig pricing in such a way that it will be able to convert early.

Another thing that can help your Gig convert early is by adding a Gig video early enough.

Fiverr loves Gigs that use video description.

Buyers do too…

If your Gig converts early, Fiverr will begin to rank it higher up the search result; which will ultimately increase your Gig impressions, clicks and sales.

5. Keep old buyers coming back

This is a technique bloggers use in growing their blogs.

We work hard to build a base of loyal readers. Similarly, Fiverr sellers must work hard to build a base of loyal buyers.

Give every buyer that works with you enough reasons to work with you again. With that, almost every new buyer you get becomes a long term customer.

This will not only help you build your monthly traffic, but will also send good signals to the Fiverr algorithm that your Gig renders good services.

And I believe you know what that means…

Your Gig will begin to rank higher up the search result; and consequently, receive more traffic and improved sales.

I hope with this guide, you’re able to drive traffic to your Fiverr Gig and make more sales.

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