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Fiverr Review: Is It The Best Site To Get Freelance Jobs In 2020?

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This Fiverr review will be straightforward. I’ve accessed the system and want to share what I discovered with other Freelancers who are interested in getting freelance jobs on Fiverr.

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There are several sites to get freelance jobs from; however, not all freelance sites are very friendly to new sellers in 2020.

As a freelancer, you need to brace up yourself for whatever competition is out there. But with a good system in place, that competition should be greatly reduced for any freelancer who has enough quality.

Fiverr has been popular for many years. A lot of people make a living off it: Either as a buyer, being serviced for just $5; or as a seller, offering your services to thousands of buyers living in faraway countries.

But this is 2020 and a lot has changed. Like I’ve always noted in my write-ups, freelance sites don’t increase the number of menial jobs available; they only distribute them. So, if not well regulated, a lot of freelancers may end up not getting jobs.

I’m not going to offer a prejudicial review on Fiverr; but at the same time, I’ll be open-minded and leave no vital point untouched.

Pros of using Fiverr to get freelance jobs

Fiverr is a good freelance platform, I must confess. But the question now is: how good is Fiverr for getting freelance jobs? What are the benefits of using Fiverr?

Let’s find out…

User-friendliness and uniqueness

Among all freelance websites, I can categorically tell you that Fiverr has the most user-friendly setup. The homepage and the entire website is very easy to navigate.

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Fiverr also has a mobile app which is very simple to understand, easy to work with, yet sophisticated and well-equipped with basic necessities.

It’s not just the user-friendliness; the uniqueness of the platform is enthralling. With its uniqueness, it has thrived as one of the biggest freelance sites for many years.

How’s Fiverr unique?

Most freelance sites majorly allow buyers to dictate services and how you get jobs. Their systems are set up in such a way that is, somehow, complicated for sellers.

90% of jobs on many other freelance platforms are gotten from bidding: buyers post requests, allow sellers to bid; and then choose the ones that showcased astuteness, bid a more favourable price, and at same time, have good job histories.

Fiverr on the other hand, has a reversed setup. Sellers showcase their services (gigs), wait to be contacted by buyers, and when buyers find sellers they like, they can quickly place an order. No bidding or application required.

This uniqueness of Fiverr, I believe, has been its greatest secret weapon to dominating the freelance business.

More fun and less limitations

Freelancers don’t have to render very professional services to make sales on Fiverr. Even if you have zero skills, you can sell on Fiverr and make a decent number of sales.

Really! How’s that?

When creating a gig on Fiverr, you have the option to choose a gig category called “Fun and Lifestyle”. Under this category, it’s as if there are almost no rules or limitations to what you can sell; as far as it is not against Fiverr terms though.

fun gigs on Fiverr

Yeah! Something like that.

Imagine someone offering to say whatever you want in a vegetable man costume and making so many sales with it?

Isn’t that fun?

The number of reviews you see besides those sales are indications of how many sales those freelancers have made. However, reviews you get are always not up to the number of sales made. So those sellers may have made many more sales.

Better pricing and autopilot

Surprising to hear, right? That’s what I know, based on experience. As I noted earlier, other freelance sites are set up in such a way that sellers bid for jobs posted by buyers. Resulting to so much competition among sellers. This competition gives buyers more advantage, as they allow sellers to keep bidding till they get a freelancer with a favourable offer.

But on Fiverr, you set your pricing and wait to be contacted. There are no bids needed; no negotiations and no applications.

This is an added advantage for sellers. Your gig pricing is set and except on mutual agreement, it can’t be changed.

Gig orders are also set up on autopilot. Something, about Fiverr, I very much appreciate. You don’t have to write an application every time you see a job posting.

If you are interested in getting a job every day, it’s almost like you need to keep writing an application every day; which to me, feels like a resume for every job posting – which is one of the things I don’t fancy very much about some other freelance sites.

On Fiverr your profile, gig pricing, job history and other details say everything about you. You get job orders on autopilot.

Cons of using Fiverr to get freelance jobs

An old English adage always puts it this way: “anything that has an advantage usually comes with its disadvantages.

So, I’m not going to conclude this Fiverr review without pointing out a few cons; points that throw a spanner into the good work.

Unbelievably poor and ignorant support team

Among all the freelance platforms, I think it’ll be fair to say Fiverr has the poorest support team. Their lack of dedication to helping freelancers resolve simple issues is beyond me.

The Fiverr support team places more priorities on the buyers than sellers; which would be good if moderate, and bad when excessive. In the case of the Fiver support team, I’m afraid to admit it’s the latter.

Basically, I’ve always not felt very comfortable with the freelance setup generally. You give up so much to become a freelancer, but people don’t get it; so you are underappreciated.

When you grow old and can’t work anymore, freelance platforms won’t pay you for giving up so much to enrich so many pockets. So, by becoming a freelancer, you give up the chances of ever earning pension – which is never good for any aged person.

The major reason I’m a big advocate for a better treatment of Freelancers.

Many freelancers get bullied by buyers. And when you turn to the Fiverr support, they tend to be unhelpful. Either due to ignorance or lack of basic skillsets to perform their duties and responsibilities.

Fiverr really needs to take its time when recruiting any future staffer into its support team. People with better understanding of basic values and principles.

Both buyers and sellers make up the platform. No one should be given preferential treatment over the other. Without the 5 dollar gigs from sellers Fiverr will become obsolete.

Harsh condition for new sellers

Fiverr has a bottleneck setup which, if not looked into, will eventually get in the way of new freelancers ever succeeding on the platform.

Like I noted earlier, freelance platforms don’t increase the number of menial jobs. Their only duty is to distribute and regulate them. Without properly ensuring that, there’ll be a problem. A huge one.

Although it’s possible, as I’ve noted in my Fiverr gig ranking tips, it’s extremely difficult for any new seller under any sub-category to get anywhere near the first page.

Fiver can’t succeed following the same pattern followed by Alphabet inc. to set up the world’s biggest and most popular search engine, Google.

How can a freelance platform have a gig rank that’s almost never shuffled? Even Google, sometimes, shuffles page ranks with one algorithm update or the other. And it’s simply because what used to work many years back may not be as effective anymore.

The maximum number of gig orders should be regulated. I’ve seen cases of queued gig orders for first page sellers reaching 50. Meanwhile, new sellers are almost not able to make any sales.

Huge fees

It’s completely free to join Fiverr and start getting freelance jobs; however, the taxation system is inexplicably unfriendly.

The last point noted that Fiverr is not very mindful of whether new freelancers get jobs or not. And I think the reason for that is the fees it charges and the profits it makes.

After all, whoever makes a sale, whether an old freelancer or a new one, Fiverr takes a cut of 20% which, in my opinion, is outrageous.

Freelancers are underpaid, give up a lot and offer their services on the cheap. Lower than what you can ever find outside a freelance platform.

Take logo design for instance. People design logos for 5 dollars. Where in the world, outside a freelance platform, would you ever get a professional graphics designer to do that?

In other words, freelancers offer their services at very cheap rates, so why take a cut of 20% from their earnings.

Okay, I know!

Fiverr needs to charge that fee for the maintenance of its platform and payment of the staffers in its organization, but 20% is too much and can’t be justified. 10% would have been a lot fairer.

Conclusive Fiverr review

I’ll leave you to decide if Fiverr is still a favourable platform for getting freelance jobs in 2020.

In my opinion, Fiverr is still the best freelance website in the world. The people behind the platform are geniuses. Their ideas are top-notch. But it’s not so easy to get jobs anymore. The competition between freelancers is massive; consequently, freelancers with a new gig get limited gig impressions and sales.

I hope to see the platform improved to make room for new freelancers in 2020 and years to come.

Here, I publish quality and well-researched articles on Blogging, Freelancing and affiliate marketing. You can connect with me on Facebook and YouTube so as to never miss a thing.

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