Glo G-BAM migration code

Glo G-BAM Migration Code, Call rates & Benefits

Glo G-BAM is one of the many prepaid plans available to all Glo customers. In this guide I will share vital information about the tariff with you, which includes call & SMS rates, migration code and other benefits new subscribers get to enjoy on the package.

There are several prepaid packages on the Glo network; however, before migrating to any one of them, you simply need to compare and contrast with other plans.

But first, you need to realize what your needs are. Are you in need of more value on data, on calls or you simply want to balance both?

Whichever the case may be, Glo G-BAM happens to have a perfect balance on both data and calls. And the good thing about the plan is that it is not a promotional offer, but rather a plan that has come to stay for good.

Before making any assertions, let’s dive into the real deal.

How Glo G-BAM works… Call & SMS rates, bonuses & more:

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15k/s on-net & off-net calls

On the G-BAM package you get to call all network for a fee of 15 kobo per second only, which has an equivalence of ₦9 only.

5 family and friends numbers

You have the option to add 5 numbers to your family and friends list. And you’ll get to call those 5 numbers at an even more subsidized rate of 9 kobo per second, which has an equivalence of just 5 naira, 40 kobo in one minute.

5MB data daily

All G-BAM customers receive 5MB of data on a daily basis, with which they can surf the net, check their email or even download one song 🙂

Make sure you finish it every day, since unused data don’t get rolled over.

Subscription fee of ₦5 daily

To enjoy all the benefits above you need to pay a daily rental fee of ₦5 only. The fee is deducted automatically from your account on a daily basis. And any day you fail to have the minimum balance you won’t enjoy all those benefits.

Free night calls

If you’re the type that likes calling your distant sweethearts at night, then it’s your lucky day. Glo G-BAM customers get to enjoy free night calls from 0:00 to 4:59; provided you use ₦30 during the previous day (from 00:01 to 23:59).

How to migrate to Glo G-BAM

To migrate to the G-BAM plan, simply dial *100*5*1# and when asked for the confirmation press 1. There’s no fee for migrating to the plan aside from the rental fee of ₦5 you have to pay, provided your last migration was not made within the previous 30 days. However, if your migration was made within the previous 30 days, then you have to pay a fee of ₦100 along with the ₦5 daily rental fee.

How to add or delete the 5 special G-BAM Family & Friends Numbers:

As earlier noted, before you begin to enjoy a cheaper call rate to 5 special numbers, you need to add those numbers.

To add a number to your G-BAM F&F list, dial *101*1*Phone number#. Adding those numbers is free for first time only.

To delete G-BAM F&F number dial *101*3*Phone number#

To replace an existing G-BAM F&F number dial *101*2*Existing Special No*New Special No#. Take note, though, that replacing an existing number is not free. You have to pay a fee of ₦50 to do that.

How to unsubscribe to G-BAM

If you decide one day that you no longer like the plan and want to migrate to another one, then it’s very easy to do. All you have to do is dial the code of the new plan you wish to migrate to. All Glo customers are entitled to one free migration per month. So, if you’ve not used up your free migration then you don’t have to pay any fee to unsubscribe from G-BAM.

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