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Linda Ikeji Family: Siblings, Parents, Son, Husband / Fiance (Pictures)

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Want to know more about Linda Ikeji family? If yes, then continue reading — because in this guide you’ll discover the names of Linda Ikeji’s siblings, parents, son, husband or boyfriend.

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Linda is the most popular blogger in Nigeria. Needless to say, her blogging career is so inspiring that it has helped increase the number of aspiring bloggers in Nigeria.

For one reason or the other, a lot of people are interested in knowing more about the Nigerian top blogger.

As a result, we’ve seen search queries like:

  • Linda Ikeji‘s family pictures
  • Linda Ikeji’s siblings, husband, friends, family background, etc.

Continue reading to find answers to those queries.

The model-turned-blogger is known to be hugely fond of her family members. Her success is so contagious that it has reflected greatly on each of them.

Every now and then, the Ikeji family shares snaps of their social activities with fans, including birthdays, shopping, travels, etc.

Linda Ikeji’s Family


She was born into a middle-class catholic family from Nkwerre, Imo State. In 2016, she shared adorable pictures of her parents during their 39 years marriage anniversary.

Linda Ikeji's father and mother: Mr & Mrs Ikeji
Mr and Mrs Ikeji (image courtesy of Lindaikejisblog.com

Mr and Mrs Ikeji have been received several presents from their beloved daughter. Notable among them was when she built a 6-bedroom duplex in her hometown for them.

White coloured house of Linda Ikeji's parents
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According to Linda, the house was completed within just six months of construction.

She has, aside from the house, bought expensive wheels for her parents and taken them on several expensive trips.


She is the 2nd born of 7 children. In other words, Linda Ikeji has 6 siblings. They are:

  • Benita Ikeji
  • Vera Ikeji Shilobod
  • Laura Ikeji
  • Peks Ikeji
  • Edna Ikeji
  • Sandra Ikeji

The most popular among Linda’s siblings is Laura, who is also a blogger.

Linda is highly fond of her younger sister, Sandra, and even bought her a Benz in appreciation of her hard work and contribution to the Linda Ikeji company.

She shared a picture of the new Mercedes Benz on Instagram with the caption: “To the most hardworking woman and best human being I know. When I started my company in 2004, whenever I dressed up to go to work, she would dress up and follow me. Almost every day for seven years. Except when she had to go to school.

“For years, we didn’t make much but she never stopped believing in me or hustling with me. She worked as hard as I did, if not more, for our lives to be better. My backbone and my ‘Miss Fix It’. Love and appreciate you more than you can ever know,” she added

Two of Linda’s siblings, Benita and Edna, reside in the United States.

The popular blogger has only one brother, Peks, who is said to be very funny and highly fond of his elder sister. This can be observed in some of their family pictures.

Linda is also very fond of her only brother. She even bought him a brand new Honda Accord as a birthday gift in 2016.

In 2016, Linda Ikeji share some pictures on her blog showing moments from her trip to Dubai alongside her family.

Many of Linda’s family members have continued to sing her praise. Laura took to Instagram to share her photo with the caption: “This is my sister, her name is Linda. She is rich not just in money but in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Linda made sure everybody in the family is rich. She didn’t only give us some ridiculous sum of money sometimes, she gave us knowledge and she made sure that when she withdraws our monthly allowances we could stand on our own. I haven’t received any money from her in while. It was a choice because if I needed money all I needed to do was ask. But, fortunately, I learnt well from her and I’m not doing badly at all.

“She gave me fish and taught me how to fish. I took the Knowledge and I’m doing some amazing things with it. Linda didn’t have to. She doesn’t owe us anything. But she did. The Ikejis are financially strong individually because Linda decided to be Amazing,” she added.

Husband / fiance / boyfriend 

Linda Ikeji has always kept private her relationship life. People have been left in continuous speculations as to who she was dating or engaged to.

She has been speculated to be going out with Don Jazzy, and many more others. Most recently, she was suspected to be seeing Sholaye Jeremi.

There’s been no public confirmation on both sides. But certainly, she did go out with someone, and that someone was responsible for getting her pregnant.


Linda Ikeji is now a proud mother. She recently gave birth to a son named Jayce Jeremi; her first and only son.

Linda Ikeji holding her son Jayce Jeremi

Now, I’m sure the surname of the boy, Jeremi, confirms the suspicion that she was indeed going out with Sholaye.

However, the relationship doesn’t seem to be alive anymore. Sholaye Jeremi is said to be uninterested in tying the knot with Linda.

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