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Nigerian Passport: Types, Cost & Renewal, How to Apply Online

Nigerian Passports are important piece of documents every citizen must possess, especially those who travel outside the country.

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As from March, 2019, the Nigerian Immigration Services (NIS) began issuing new e-Passports. They come in different booklet types and validity period. Therefore, applicants are at liberty to choose the type they wish to obtain, depending on their specific needs and purchasing powers.

In this post we’ll talk about all the different types of Nigerian passports you can obtain and their respective cost of application and renewals. Furthermore, we’ll tell you how long it takes to process it.

Citizens based in Nigeria apply for the Nigerian international passport either at a physical location of the Nigeria Immigration Services or on the official website.

Similarly, Nigerians living in other countries may obtain passports through the nearest Nigerian embassy / consulate or online.

Types of Nigerian passports

Basically, there are two types of Nigerian passport: Standard and official e-Passports.

Official e-passports are primarily reserved for government officials and Nigerian diplomats while standard ones are available to all citizens of the country.

Standard types are further subdivided into two, based on number of booklet type (32 and 64 pages). Moreover, based on validity, there are two options for prospective applicants: 10 years and 5 years.

How much does it cost to obtain or renew Nigerian passport?

The cost of obtaining a standard Nigerian passport depends on the number of booklets you want and your age:

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For those living in Nigeria:

Booklet Type AGE 0 – 17 AGE 18 – 59 AGE 60+
32 Pages ₦8,750 ₦15,000 ₦8,750
64 Pages ₦20,000 ₦20,000 ₦20,000

For those living outside Nigeria:

Booklet Type AGE 0 – 17 AGE 18 – 59 AGE 60+
32 Pages $77 $106 $77
64 Pages $137 $137 $137

Applicants must pay amounts tabulated above in United States dollars or their equivalent.

In January, 2019 the Federal Government of Nigeria announced the introduction of new electronic passports.

However, the new piece of document comes with a much higher price in exchange for a much longer validity period.

Presently, the cost of obtaining it is 70,000 naira only and the validity period is set at 10 years from the time of issuance.

The cost of renewing Nigerian passport is the same as the cost of applying.

How to apply for or Renew Nigerian passport online

No matter where you are, be it Canada, US, UK, Dubai etc., you can apply for or renew your Nigerian passport online by following the steps below:

Step 1. Visit the official portal of the Nigeria Immigration Service. We advise you do that using a computer for a better experience. Notwithstanding, a good smartphone should do fine.

Step 2. Click on Passport and then “Apply for Fresh” or “Apply for Renewal”, depending on your needs.

Nigerian passport renewal or fresh application

Step 3. For fresh passport, select type and processing country (should be country where you are located.

Standard ePassport application for Nigeria

Thereafter, click on start application.

Step 4. Fill in your biodata, choose the booklet type and afterward proceed to payment.

Note: The only available means of payment at the moment is the use of a Master/VISA card. Also, you must choose the consulate closest to your location as your application/collection point. For United States residents, choose US as processing country and New York as application office.

After completing your application and payment, print out at least copy of your online application form and payment confirmation slip.

Your payment confirmation slip will contain your interview & biometric capturing date and location. Furthermore, instructions on the documents you need for a successful interview shall be listed on the payment confirmation slip.

Notice: You may need to pay shipping fee, depending on your country’s post office rate.

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How long does it take to process Nigerian passport application?

After completing your biometric capture, the NIS will process your new passport within 48 hours. In future, the NIS plans on establishing Express Centres around Nigeria to cater for emergency/expedite need.


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