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How to Borrow Credit or Data from MTN in Nigeria & Pay back Later

Are you interested in learning how to borrow credit or data from MTN Nigeria? If yes, then welcome aboard. There’s no shame about it… virtually everyone runs out of credit and/or data at some point in time. But thank goodness, MTN has two features that allow customers to either borrow credit or data and pay back later; those features are called ExtraTime and ExtraByte respectively.

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MTN is one of the oldest and most widely used mobile phone networks in Nigeria, with millions of subscribers nationwide.

Obviously, data subscription and credit balance may get exhausted at odd times… let’s say in the middle of the night … and you’ll need to find a quick solution to it.

Although there are ways to recharge via VTU top-up without having to buy visible cards, but what if the network is poor? Or your SIM is not registered with your bank? Then the next and only option you have will be to make use of MTN XtraTime or XtraByte.

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Let’s see how it goes.

Code to borrow credit from MTN?

The code to borrow credit from MTN Nigeria is *606# from the line in which you’re need of it. Thereafter, you’ll get the option to Request for XtraTime or check xtratime eligibility.

The options you’ll be provided with should look like these:

  • Eligibility Status
  • Request for XtraTime
  • Check XtraTime Balance
  • XtraTime Transaction History
  • About XtraTime
  • Exit

At first you may not be allowed to borrow a huge sum of money with your line. It’s just like owing physical store owners. They need to be sure you’ll be willing to pay back when the time comes for you to pay. With time your extra-time eligibility will increase, provided you become a regular customer.

Another factor that determines how much you’ll be allowed to borrow is how old your line is and the frequency of your previous recharges. The higher they are, the higher the amount you’ll be qualified to borrow.

Code for borrowing data from MTN

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The code for borrowing data from MTN is the same *606#. However, when you’re provided with options this time, select request XtraTime and then XtraData.

Your ExtraByte eligibility is also dependent on all of the factors I listed above regarding XtraTime.

How to check XtraTime or ExtraByte balance?

The process required to check XtraTime balance is to again dial *606# and then select check XtraTime balance; both XtraTime and ExtraByte balance can be checked using that method.

 How to pay back borrowed credit on MTN?

To pay back the amount you owe all you need to do is recharge the exact amount on your line. MTN will automatically deduct whatever you’re owning. You can also choose to pay back bit by bit; however, it is advisable to pay back everything you owe very early so that you’ll be eligible for bigger sums next time around.

How to pay back borrowed data on MTN

To pay back borrowed data you need to recharge the exact amount or bigger than the amount you’re owing. Some people are of the opinion that you need to pay back borrowed data by subscribing to a data plan; that is, however, incorrect.

Things to note while borrowing credit or data from MTN in Nigeria:

  • Both MTN XtraTime and XtraByte attracts a fee of 15% from whatever value in Naira you borrowed
  • You cannot borrow data and airtime at the same time
  • The longer you spend without paying, the lower the chances of you borrowing big next time
  • You can only borrow if your account balance is actually low
  • Borrowed credit cannot be shared
  • Calls can be made to any network with XtraTime balance at the same call rate of your tariff plans.
  • You can stream videos, make downloads and/or do whatever you want with your XtraByte balance.

That’s all about borrowing credit or data from MTN.

Have any questions or contributions? Feel free to share via the comment section of this post.

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