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Fiverr Profile Picture Best Practices: Plus How to Upload/Change One

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Are you interested in uploading or changing your Fiverr profile picture? If yes, then this guide will show you how to do just that in easy to follow steps.

Your profile picture, sometimes, says it all. Hence, the need to put in a lot of effort when creating and choosing one for your fiverr seller account.

Many new sellers don’t know the impact a picture has on gig orders and sales, so they just go ahead and upload a picture without making sure its well optimized.

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If you’ve been on Fiverr for a long time, by now you must have realized just how important your Fiverr profile picture is. However, I’d take it that you are new on Fiverr; that explains why you’re interested in learning about Fiverr profile pictures.

Why is the profile picture important?

First, as a new seller, you must realize that there’s a lot of competition on the platform. There are less freelance jobs than can meet all freelancers’ needs. So, you have to standout as a freelancer in many ways to get noticed by the right buyer.

A good profile picture that showcases the services you render will quickly get noticed by buyers. It is not the biggest determinant factor of how much sales you generate. There are several other factors that determine your sales. However, your profile picture is always the first place to start from.

Best practices for your Fiverr PP

Before uploading a profile picture on Fiverr, you must make sure it passes the following quality checks:

Show your real face: Buyers want to know who they are dealing with. Especially buyers with huge projects. Showing your real face will increase the trust level buyers are likely to have on your gig and services.

Picture must be original: Don’t upload a picture you downloaded from the internet as your Fiverr profile picture. If you do, Fiverr will automatically delete it — because it violates the rules.

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Showcase your skills: There’s a way you can creatively send a message about the services you render through your profile picture. If you’re a typist, it’ll make a lot of sense to upload a picture of you typing. If you’re a graphic designer, you need to tush up your picture in such a way that buyers can almost immediately spot your proficiency with design software.

Showcase your professionalism: Freelance platforms are not typically demanding of all round professionalism. However, there’s an extent at which casual looks must reach. I wouldn’t upload a picture of me lying down on my bed.

You don’t need to put on a nice suit to make sales. But if you render very professional services, it wouldn’t bite to upload some cool nice picture of you in a suit.

Upload a high-quality image: If you don’t have a good camera to take a nice pic, you can borrow from a friend. But whatever you do, make sure your image is high-quality and very clear.

optimize your fiverr profile picture size: Fiverr doesn’t have a recommended profile picture size; however, you must make sure your picture is well cropped so that your face is centralized. Also, just make sure the size is not more that 2 MB, just so that it loads fast. By default, the image will become centralized.

How to upload or change your Fiverr profile picture

Step 1. Login to Fiverr on a desktop computer or laptop

Login to your Fiverr account

Fiverr has a mobile app which doesn’t support the changing of a profile picture; that’s why you have to log in to Fiver using a laptop or desktop computer.

Step 2. Click on my profile

Click on my profile


This can be found when you click on your previous profile image or the blank image slot.

Step 3. Click on the previous image icon

Click on previous image icon to change it

Step 4. Locate and select the picture you wish to upload

right click and select new fiverr profile picture

You can do that by either right-clicking and selecting that image or double clicking on that image.

And it will load instantly or in a few seconds; depending on the size of your picture.

That’s everything about uploading a Fiverr profile picture.

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