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How to borrow airtime or data from Glo, Repay & Deactivate auto-borrow

Whenever you run out of airtime or data, you can borrow from Glo and pay back later. This guide will show you how to borrow either airtime or data from Glo, depending on your preference.

Before the emergence of VTU top-up, the normal way of recharging was mainly the purchase of visible cards. However, things have changed over the course of time.

You can now top-up your phone using your bank accounts. But what if your bank account is out of funds or the network is bad? Then borrowing and paying back becomes the easiest option.

To qualify for the borrow me credit feature on Globacom your SIM must be up to four months old, your average monthly usage must be above ₦200, and you must be a prepaid customer.

See the table below to know how much your current monthly usage qualify you for:

Denomination (N) Time on Network (Months) Average Monthly Refills Average Monthly Usage (N)
50 4 0 200
100 4 0 400
200 4 0 800
500 4 0 2000
1000 12 0 5000

Borrowing credit from Glo

If you meet the above conditions, then…

Time needed: 1 minute.

Follow these steps to borrow credit from Glo:

  1. Dial *321#

    This takes you to the Glo borrow credit me options

  2. Create a 4-digit PIN

    For security measures it is mandatory to create a 4-digit PIN before you can carry out any Glo borrow me transaction.

  3. Dial *321*Amount*PIN#

    For instance if you chose 1234 as your PIN then to borrow ₦500 credit dial *321*500*1234#

Take note also that using Glo borrow me credit attracts a fee of 15% which shall be deducted from what you’ll be credited with. That is, if you request for ₦100 you’ll only get ₦85.

Glo borrow me data eligibility requirements are similar to the previous. They are:

  • Your SIM card must be registered.
  • You must have been active on the network for at least 3 months or more.

The pricing is not so bad, I must confess. The data you’ll be credited with is charged at the same rate with buying a bundle from Glo.

Price (N) Data Volume in Pack(In MB) Data Volume for Borrow Me Data(In MB) Validity
50 30 30 1 Day
100 60 60 1 Day
200 200 200 5 Days
500 1600 1600 7 Days
1000 3200 3200 30 days

If you qualify for any of the options above, then…

This is how to borrow data from Glo:

Glo borrow me data: Never run out of data even without credit

Step 1: Dial *321#

Step 2: Select option 3 (borrow data)

Step 3: From the options you’re provided with, choose an option selecting its number.

Note: The Glo borrow me data feature also attracts a fee of 15%. In other words, if you request for the 1 day plan of ₦100 then you have to payback a fee of ₦115.

How to repay borrowed airtime or data to Glo

All you need to do is recharge higher than the amount you borrowed. However, there are times when deduction may experience some slight delay. If that’s the case, just make sure you leave the minimum balance intact.

 It is advisable to pay back within 72 hours,which happens to be the grace period. If you do not payback within 72 hours of borrowing you’ll not be able to request for additional credit or data. Also,your SIM card’s reputation might get affected adversely, which may in return cause a reduction in your eligibility amount during subsequent transactions.

How to deactivate Glo borrow me credit or data:

Step 1: Dial *321# and select 1 (auto borrow)

Step 2: From the list of option you’re provided with select 2 (cancel auto borrow)  

Are there extra conditions and limitations attached to borrowed credit or data?

As a matter of fact, there are no limitations attached to borrowed credit or data. With your credit you can call any local & international network (standard tariff plan rates apply), browse the web, and purchase 3rd party and value added services.

With your borrowed data on the other hand you can make downloads, uploads, stream videos on YouTube and other platforms. In fact, do anything that a normal data subscription can do.

I hope this guide answered all the questions you had in mind… You can share your experience while using the Glo borrow me credit and data service using the comment section below.

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