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MTN Night Browsing Plans, Subscription Codes, Validity and Benefits

With MTN pulse night browsing you can get 2GB for only ₦400. But is it an MTN browsing cheat? I’d say no… it’s just  taking advantage of the awoof MTN pulse offers its Nigerian customers.

In my previous guide on MTN pulse, I insinuated that it is maybe the cheapest tariff plan in Nigeria – and I am not about to change my stance.

Previously, when MTN pulse night plans was newly introduced, one would have had to spend only ₦200to get 2GB. However, things changed after a couple of months. Maybe because Nigerians really exploited the awoof.

Notwithstanding, what we’re getting now is still more than a fair deal. 2GB for just ₦400 is never a bad deal and is hard to find on any other network.

We are going to achieve the 2GB for ₦400 using a simple trick. But first let me introduce you to all the pulse night plans MTN Nigeria currently has.

MTN pulse night plans

MTN pulse tariff plan: We are the pulse

MTN pulse currently has two night plans. They are:

  • ₦25 for 125MB which can be subscribed to up to 4 times in one night. That is, ₦25 × 4 = ₦100 will give you 125MB × 4 = 500MB.
  • ₦50 for 250MB which can also be accumulated to 500MB by subscribing twice in one night.

Now bearing in mind the above limitations, you can only get 500MB for a night, which is actually great but may not be sufficient if you need more data.

Thank goodness to the fact that there are no limits to the number of MTN SIMs you can own. Let’s say you need to download a file of up to 1GB and you’re interested in using Pulse night plans, then 1 MTN SIM cannot help you achieve that.

However, with two SIMs you can subscribe to night plans and accumulate up to 1GB. And if you’re willing to go through more stress like me, then you need to buy 4 MTN SIMs.With 4 SIMs you’ll be able to subscribe to MTN night plans and accumulate up to2GB on your line.

I use this sub whenever I’m in need of large volume of data. To either download some of my favorite movies or stream videos online.

Read all the latest data bundles on MTN.

How to subscribe to pulse nightlife bundles

To subscribe to pulse nightlife bundles dial *406#; you’d be provided with a wide range of options and among them you’ll find “nightlife bundles”. Selecting it will provide you with the option to either buy 125MB @ ₦25 or 250MB @ ₦50. You can repeat the same process till you accumulate the maximum 500MB allowed for one night.

Alternatively, text N125 to get 125MB @ ₦25 or N250 to get 250MB @ ₦50

Other things to note on MTN night plans

  • Only MTN pulse customers can enjoy the night plans
  • You will NOT be able to activate more than 500MB.
  • You will not be able to activate another night bundle that same night once you have exhausted the maximum of 500MB; however, you’ll be able to buy a new night plan after 5amwhich shall be used in the subsequent night from 12am-4am
  • You will not be able to roll over any unused Pulse Nightlife bundle balance.
  • Subscription to Pulse nightlife does not get auto-renewed. In other words, you need to manually subscribe every night.
  • MTN doesn’t provide a means to keep track of your pulse nightlife data usage. However, it is stated that fair usage applies to nightlife bundles. Which means, when you exhaust your allocated volume, you’ll not be able to access the net. A way to keep track of your data consumption is by manually checking on your mobile device or modem.

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