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How To Make Money Fast & Free With Google AdSense In Nigeria

Want to learn how to make money with Google AdSense in Nigeria? This guide will share with you the 3 most effective free ways to achieve that.

There many easy and free ways to earn money online in Nigeria.

Many smart Nigerians are already taking advantage of those online money making opportunities.

And so can you…

Nothing beats FREE.

Making money without having to invest a dime to get started.

That is what this guide is targeted at helping you achieve using Google AdSense.

Homepage of Google AdSense

Google AdSense, as the name implies, is owned by Google and was launched in 2003 as a contextual advertisement company that connects publishers with advertisers.

As soon as you have an approved AdSense account, you become connected to the thousands of advertisers in the Google AdWords program.

You don’t have to meet advertisers individually to strike a deal and have them place banners on your site or online property.

Isn’t that an awesome deal?

Imagine how the internet would have been like without AdSense?

Okay, fine… we now have a lot of companies in the mold of AdSense, companies that can easily serve as alternatives or compliment your contextual ad monetization strategy, they only replicated the initiative AdSense already had in place.

Google AdSense is free to join provided you have a blog, YouTube channel, or a published app in Google PlayStore.

You can obtain all three of those requirements without having to spend a dime to purchase anything online.

Note: You don’t have to purchase anything online to make money with Google AdSense following this guide; however, there are a few things you must have in place and, depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the cost may vary.

What are those things?

  • A laptop/desktop computer: You need a device to work with. If you don’t have a laptop/desktop computer, then, at least, have a very good smart phone.
  • Internet connection: In Nigeria, internet connection is quite affordable with some ISPs. You need internet connection to carryout whatever uploads and downloads necessary.
  • A Google Account: If you’re using Gmail or any other Google service, you already have one. If not, visit Gmail to create an account in minutes
  • Original contents & Smart ideas: AdSense only approves original contents and ideas.

Are you ready?

Then let’s go…

Here are the three free ways to make money with Google AdSense in Nigeria:

1. Make Money with AdSense using Blogger

Cr3eate a free blog

Have you heard of

If you haven’t, then you’ve been missing out a great deal on one of the best free resources available to build you a money-making machine.

Ask Linda Ikeji…

Nigeria’s most popular gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji, also started her free blog on the BlogSpot platform and was able to make millions of Nairas with it.

All for free!

She didn’t spend a dime on hosting and domain name. In fact, she didn’t even use a premium Blogger template.

Follow my step-by-step BlogSpot blog setup guide to create your free blog too.

Earning with Google AdSense using a blog is not so difficult.

But it takes more than just creating a blog, you need to add valuable contents to your blog—that can bless the world—and, in return, the world will bless you too by enriching your pockets.

How do you add valuable contents?

You must choose a topic you’re knowledgeable about and can blog on; it can be on religion, heath, personal finance or any other topic you have interest in that will attract good traffic.

I shared a list of high traffic blog topics you can choose from in a previous guide.

After choosing your topic, you need to blog consistently in order to quickly build your readership.

Thereafter, apply to Google AdSense, get approved, place ad codes on your blog and watch your account balance grow.

Read more on the requirements for getting an approved AdSense account.

2. Make Money With AdSense using YouTube

YouTube homepage

YouTube is also a Google-owned company and the second biggest search engine in the world.

Billions of people visit YouTube every month to have a pick at some of their favorite videos from around the world.

A large percentage of the videos you watch on YouTube are monetized.

In other words, publishers of those videos get paid for the impressions and clicks on the ads that appear within their videos.

To excel with a YouTube channel, you need to publish quality videos, do proper video SEO and watch your YouTube views skyrocket.

You can apply to AdSense using your YouTube channel; your application will get reviewed and if your channel is qualified, Google ads will begin to appear on your videos.

The good thing about the internet is that bloggers publish everything needed to run any online business successfully.

There are hundreds of blog posts on the internet that will help you get started on YouTube.

The YouTube creator academy is a good place for you to get started.

3. Make money with AdSense using PlayStore

publish mobile aps for money

Google PlayStore is the official marketplace for all android apps. Within the PlayStore, you can find both free and premium android applications.

If you use android apps a lot, then, you must have noticed ads popping up in different corners of some of those apps.

Publishers of those ads earn money from the ads that appear within their apps.

If you know how to build mobile apps, then you must take advantage of Google PlayStore.

Many people think building apps is a difficult task; that’s, however, not correct.

Except you are thinking of building an app like Whatsapp or Facebook mobile—which will be a complicated task for beginners.

An app can be information based. It can be something as simple as translating English words into Hausa and vice-versa.

There are already a couple of apps like that, but there’s always room for competition.

The target audience is large enough for all creative app developers.

If you have an idea, but don’t know how to turn it into an app, you can hire app developers from Fiverr to help you get it done on the cheap.

But if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, you’ll find tons of free YouTube videos that will guide you through the process of app creation.

Wrapping up:

To get approved by AdSense, then your property must not violate AdSense program policies.

Remember this when you get AdSense approved: don’t click on your ads or request that people do it for you. Doing that will land you an AdSense ban.

I have shared with you 3 easy and free ways to earn money with Google AdSense in Nigeria.

Which of them do you wish to apply and begin to make money online working from home?

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