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How To Resell Fiverr Gigs And Make Over $5,000 Monthly

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Want to resell Fiverr gigs and make more money online? This guide will show you how to do just that.

In my last publication that explains how Fiverr works, I referenced 3 American women who made 6 figures annually as freelancers on Fiverr. That’s a lot of money to make from a $5 marketplace (Fiverr’s not so $5 anymore).

You might be wondering: did they have to work day and night? did they earn more than the average freelancer? How’s it even possible to make so much money as a freelancer when it is obvious freelancers are underpaid?

wait a minute!

When you hear of people making over $5000 per month on Fiverr, do you doubt that? Maybe you do, and rightly so; because it’s almost impossible to pull that off as a lone soldier. When you get excessive orders, you may have to resell your Fiverr gig orders.

If you work alone, then It is not possible to make that amount of money with any gig that consumes so much of your time and underpays you. I noted a few of those gigs in a previous publication.

When you render services in such gigs, you will find it extremely difficult to earn a lot of money and at the same time spend enough time with your family; which is supposed to be a freelancer’s greatest reward.

People who make a lot of money on Fiverr have 3 things in common, which are: rendering smart services, getting more queued orders, and completing more jobs.

If you’re getting more queued orders than you can handle on Fiverr, then you should be leveraging on it to increase your Fiverr sales and earnings.

This guide will show you all the tricks Fiverr top-sellers use in handling several queued orders and making over 5 figures annually.

Most Fiverr top-sellers have their gigs featured on Fiverr’s first page under their sub-categories – I guess you know what that means. Orders keep pouring in on daily basis.

But the problem with getting so many orders is: if you’re not prepared for that, you may end up having to cancel a lot of them.

Doing that isn’t a good thing at all. The Fiverr algorithm will assume that you are not able to handle being featured on the first page and push you down.

Fiverr hates canceled orders; however, there is no way anyone rendering a service that consumes more than 5 hours to complete could ever meet up with 30 gig orders on a daily basis.

How can a writer meet up with getting 30 articles ordered, averagely 500 words, on a daily basis? That’s about 15,000 words.

And the problem is, almost all the jobs will demand a separate research. If you plan on retaining your customers, then you really have to take your time and get quality jobs done.

But when you get so many orders than you can handle, cancellation of gig orders become inevitable.

No need to cancel your gig orders anymore; you should be leveraging on them to increase your Fiverr sales and earnings.

Secrets to making more money on Fiverr

Fiverr growing and earning money

When you get featured on Fiverr’s first page, it’s like a blessing from the Fiverr team or the Fiverr algorithm at work. No one really knows how that works; Fiverr hasn’t come out openly to explain how to get featured on the first page.

Most top-sellers in any sub-category usually get up to 30 queued gig orders daily. Some even get way, way higher than that.

Now, to stay a top-seller in Fiverr, you need to maintain certain requirements. Your gig cancellation rate must be at the minimal.

That’s why many sellers make use of the feature that limits the maximum number of queued orders your gig can have.

If you set a limit, as soon as your orders reach the set limit, your gig would temporarily go hidden from search results so that your orders wouldn’t have to pile up too much.

But instead of having to cancel so many orders because you can’t handle them or limiting the maximum number of orders you can get, I will show you some simple tricks that will help you use a spike in gig orders to your advantage and boost your earnings.

The tricks I’ll be discussing with you are what most top-sellers leverage on to make more than 6 figures annually.

Here’s what to do when you get many queued orders:

1. Reselling Fiverr gig orders on other freelance platforms

Fiverr doesn’t limit the maximum number of gig orders a freelancer can get; as far as you are able to complete the orders in time and meet up with schedule. This is a huge loophole in which many freelancers use to their advantages.

Also, most freelance sites don’t charge buyers a dime; but take a cut of 20% from sales freelancers make. I kicked against this outrageous fee in my Fiverr review for freelancers. It’s another loophole in the freelancing setup, which a lot of top freelancers are smart enough to exploit.

Some freelancers who have access to a lot of jobs involve in reselling. They, most times, have accounts in different freelance sites.

For instance, if I’m a freelancer on Fiverr and I get up to 20 gig orders daily. I can’t meet up with that… it’s beyond me. So I’ll just go on and create an account with UpWork; not as a seller but, this time, as a buyer.

I’ll resell some of the freelance jobs I get on Fiverr to other Freelancers on UpWork; but with profit making still in mind.

Let’s say I get a job of $30 on Fiverr, I’m certain Fiverr will end up taking a cut of $6. Therefore, what I will have left and can spend is $24.00.

So I’ll search for another freelancer who can get the job done for $20.00 or less. And make a profit of $4 or more, only for serving as a middle man.

People who involve in Freelance jobs reselling make thousands of dollars per month leveraging on these loopholes in the freelancing setup.

You could have chosen to resell your freelance jobs on Fiverr; however, I’m not so certain if that is permitted. That’s why you may have to resell those freelance jobs on another website; UpWork preferably.

The reason UpWork is the most suitable for reselling freelance jobs is because: You can almost in an instant get a freelancer to perform any task.

freelance job reselling on upwork

As you can see from the sample above, that person is practically involved in freelance jobs reselling; offering an hourly rate of $12, which is extremely low compared to what most Fiverr sellers charge for transcription.

This buyer posted that job and within a few minutes had so many applicants requesting to join his/her team.

The system for finding a seller on UpWork makes it a lot easier for Buyers to get a freelancer. As soon as you post a job on UpWork, a lot of sellers will begin to bid to get the job done for you.

You will get so many offers for any job you post on UpWork, interview those freelancers and choose your seller of choice; based on his/her qualifications to perform that job.

You need to be careful with freelance jobs reselling though. It’s not so easy to pull off. You may struggle in the start. But with experience and practice, you’ll become better at it.

You need to get freelancer that will get your jobs done at cheaper rates; but at the same time, deliver the quality needed to keep your buyers, at the other end, coming.

If you get a freelancer that does a low quality job, it’ll be a double effect. You can’t afford a waste of time, neither can you afford to present a low quality job to your own buyers.

By default, most freelancers on UpWork charge buyers at an hourly rate. And in most cases, hourly rates wouldn’t be favorable to the buyer.

It’ll be most preferable to look for freelancers that will charge a fixed rate. Remember, your utmost goal is to get a freelancer that can get the job done cheaper than what you charged your buyer on Fiverr.

Additionally, you need to build a team of freelancers that are always ready to get jobs done for you. You wouldn’t want to be searching for a new freelancer each time you get a new job; it’ll slow down your pace. You may end up not meeting up with your orders if you’re always searching for a new freelancer to get jobs done.

That’s why you need to make your intentions clear when you’re hiring a freelancer on UpWork. Let them know it’s a long term project. UpWork allows you to inform freelancers about how long you want them to work with you.

Also, keep your best freelancers saved in your contact list. So that they can be easily accessible each time you have a new job for them.

2. Build your own mini team of Freelancers

You might be wondering what I mean by the term ‘Your own mini team of freelancers’. I couldn’t find a better way to describe what I’m about to explain.

This comes as an alternative for anyone who isn’t ready to involve themselves in reselling Fiverr gig orders on other freelance platforms. Maybe because of the risks involved, and because it’s extremely difficult to monitor freelance workers you can’t see.

What about hiring helping hands from people you can see and can control. This time, you will have visual interactions with other freelancers, maybe in your neighborhood, interested in getting freelance jobs.

You might be wondering, ‘why would anyone work with me when they can get freelance jobs online?’ Answer is: It’s not so easy for new sellers to get jobs on freelance sites. The competition on freelance platforms makes it a game of survival.

Many freelancers are not able to get enough jobs to pay their bills, while some get more jobs than they can possibly handle.

That’s the major loophole I’ve been talking about since the beginning of this write-up.

So, if you fall under the category of the former, blessed art thou amongst men.

Many fiverr top-sellers use this to their advantage. They offer you more jobs; because they get excess orders, in exchange for small commissions from your earnings.

That’s the exact way a Fiverr top-seller earns over $2,000 per month on Fiverr. She also leveraged on the fact that Fiverr doesn’t regulate the maximum number of queued orders.

She gets more queued orders for her transcription gig than she can handle, so she hired many other transcribers who she pays at a lower rate than she charges on Fiverr.

For instance, if she transcribes a 1 hour audio at the rate of $50 on Fiverr, she’ll offer around $30 to the freelancers outside Fiverr for that same 1 hour audio.

The advantage she has over those that resell freelance jobs on freelance platforms is that: she is able to monitor the freelancers she works with. In other words, working with freelancers she can see outside Fiverr makes it easier for her to avoid any form of delays or hiccups that could arise from working with freelancers on other platforms she doesn’t know.

3. Work smart and hard

If you’re not able to pull the above two methods off, maybe because you’re not very good with managing people, then the next option you have to make a lot of money on Fiverr is to work smart and hard.

Fiverr is basically a $5 platform. Consequently, even if you offer a service that should have cost less than $5, probably, due to the ease with which you get that task done, you’ll still end up earning $5.

This is another loophole the best sellers on Fiverr exploit and use to their advantages.

For an expert graphics designer, logo design may be very easy but, sometimes, he may find himself scratching his head trying to come up with an idea to meet up with a client’s demand.

And in some cases, when he eventually comes up with something and presents to that buyer, the buyer may find fault with the job and request for a review.

Only for $5 …. Dang it!

As a graphics designer myself, I must confess, our service is the most underpaid on Freelance platforms and I feel so embarrassed about that.

On the other hand, a freelancer who writes resumes on Fiverr has a model for his/her write-ups, and as a result, some resumes may even get completed in less than 15-30 minutes.

If you’re a resume writer, all you may require from your clients are just some few details and then fit in those details into the set model for resumes. And you’ll still end up getting paid nothing less than $5 even if you got the task completed in 15 minutes.

Another job that’s extremely lucrative is whiteboard modeling. It can be done using a software within a few minutes.

But the good thing is, not too many people can use that software. So, even if I can get a whiteboard modeling done in less than 15-20 minutes, I’ll still end up earning nothing less than $5.

whiteboard animation services on Fiverr

Getting whiteboard animation is not so cheap, really. In fact most of the sellers featured on the first page actually offer above $50. That’s what I call a smart gig. With such gigs, handling a lot of queued orders is a lot easier compared to blog post writing.

The sense I’m trying to make here is: offer a service that consumes less time and/or maybe would have cost less in the real world.

There are a lot of services you can render on Fiverr. Just explore the marketplace and find clients that are under-served.

The more crowded a marketplace is, the lesser your chances of getting many queued orders. Why would anyone queue when they know they can get their jobs done by rival freelancers of yours without having to queue?

If you offer your services in a sub-category that has less competition, then the chances of you getting more queued orders and completing more jobs become even greater.

All the above methods are the secret techniques top-sellers use in earning 5 figures annually as freelancers.

They leverage on the loopholes and other freelancers who are not getting as much orders as them.

I hope with this guide, you’ll be able to make a lot of money on Fiverr; and reach the heights those top-sellers on Fiverr boast of.

If you are smart enough to exploit these loopholes, then you’ll end up making more money and have enough quality time to spend with your loved ones, travel around the globe while still working or do any other thing you truly enjoy doing.

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