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NPower Recruitment 2020: Registration Form, portal – Apply Now | npower.fmhds.gov.ng

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Npower recruitment 2020 registration has now commenced on the official portal. Want to register for NPower 2020? If your answer to that question is yes, then this guide is all you need. This post contains all the information you need to register on the right website.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has recently announced that it plans on recruiting around 500,000 fresh hands into the scheme. They made this known in a statement recently issued by The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development.

Npower is a job creation and empowerment programme.
Npower is a job creation and empowerment programme.

According to them, the aim of the program is to improve the lives of several unemployed Nigerian Youths.

We previously shared a post stating all the requirements for registering with NPower in 2020. Nevertheless, we’ll still give you a glance through some of them here.

The purpose of this guide is to help you complete the application process on the official portal.

Note: Reports reaching us has now confirmed that the portal will be open on the 26th of June 2020 by 11:45 pm. That said, keep reading so you’ll know how to apply and what you need to apply.

Official N-Power registration guideline

N-Power recruitment guideline for 2020
N-Power recruitment guideline for 2020

What are the requirements for registering with NPower?

Before you’ll be able to complete the NPower recruitment form online, you must have all the necessary information and credentials. That way, you’ll be able to complete your registration seamlessly.

Npower requires that applicants be between the ages of 18 and 35.
Npower requires that applicants be between the ages of 18 and 35.

Basically, you need the following:

  • Bank verification number (BVN)
  • Valid phone number
  • Accessible Email address
  • Important documents like birth certificate, CV, school leaving certificates.
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • The N-Power programme is open to all. The N-Teach and N-Health programs are, however, open to only graduates.
  • In addition, please note that N-Power Health, selection preference will be given to holders of Bachelor’s Degree, HND, OND in health sciences, such as Medicine, Microbiology, Nursing, Public Health, Botany, Midwifery, Psychology or other allied disciplined in the sciences.
  • Where applicable, you will be required to upload your degree certificates and NYSC certificates.

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Is NPower recruitment free of charge?

Recently, someone sent me a message demanding to know if NPower recruitment is free of charge.

First and foremost, I want to clarify that the program is not targeted at making money from people. Instead, the primary aim is to provide jobs for unemployed youth and in return reduce the rate of poverty.

Based on the information we have, the registration is totally FREE.

Therefore, you must not pay attetion to anyone demanding that you pay for the form.

However, if you visit any café or shop to complete your registration, you will have to pay for the cost of the internet and other services.

In other words, any money you spend at the café to complete your registration must be the cost for accessing the net and not the cost of the form.

If you follow the steps below, then you can register by yourself using your phone or computer. That is, you don’t have to go to any cyber cafe and end up paying any money.

Npower application portal.
Npower application portal.

NPower Recruitment 2020: How to register online

Step 1. Visit the official NPower recruitment portal.

You can do that using npower.fmhds.gov.ng. Copy and paste the link on your browser to visit the page. Chrome browser, preferably. After that, click on “I Agree” and then “Apply for N-Power.”

Apply for N-Power 2020. Step 1.

Note that the screenshots here are for computers. However, it isn’t too different from phones.

Step 2. Create your login profile.

To create your profile, enter your email address and choose a password.

Create N-Power login profile.
Npower registration 2020 screenshot (c) NPower application portal | https://npower.fmhds.gov.ng/signup

Step 3. Visit your email inbox and click on the confirmation link N-Power sent to you.

Note that if you can’t find it in your inbox, you may have to check your SPAM box. Once your email address has been confirmed, you can log in to the portal again using the same link above.

Step 4. login to the portal and complete “Identity Verification”.

Fill in your 11 digit BVN and date of birth in the following order (dd/mm/yy). Thereafter, click on “Save and Continue”

N-Power Identity Verification step.

Don’t use 22333333333, as it is only an example.

Note that if your BVN details are inaccurate, you will not be permitted to go past this step.

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Step 5. Complete the “Biodata and Contact” form.

Ensure you fill in your surname, first name, and middle name in identical terms to your BVN information.

Completing N-Power Bio-Data and Contact form.

There’s so much information to fill. Make sure you don’t leave anyone unattended. You will also have to indicate whether or not you’re living with a disability. After that, click on the “Save and Continue” button.

Step 6. Choose yes or no for “Did you go to School?”

Kindly indicate if you have received an education or not. The 2020 N-Power recruitment program is open to all. However, it is important to state whether you have received an education or not.

That way, Npower will know what options to give you next.

For instance, N-Power Teach and Npower Health are only open to people who have a degree, NCE, or Diploma.

On the other hand, people who didn’t go to school can choose between N-Agro N-Build N-Tech and N-Creative.

Entering your education status on the N-Power portal.

Choose the option that suits you and click on “Save and Continue”.

Step 7. Indicate whether or not you are currently employed

You will be required to answer some questions surrounding your current employment status. Afterward, you’ll need to upload your government-issued identity card.

Fill in your employment and other details on the N-Power portal.

Take note that they’ll ask you to enter how much you currently earn per month. I advise you not to lie because your BVN details will fetch you out.

Step 8. Submit your application and print your acknowledgement form.

Immediately you click on the submit button, your “NPower Registration Number” will appear on the screen. Make sure you save that page and write the number somewhere safe.

Also, print out your acknowledgement form as proof of you have successfully enrolled for the Npower recruitment 2020.

The reason is, you’ll need that number before you’ll be able to log in for your aptitude test. Also, it is with that number you’ll be able to follow up on your recruitment status.

More about your NPower recruitment options

As we’ve noted earlier, for this years NPower recruitment, you can choose between N-Power Teach, Health, Agro, Build Tech and Creative. However, we also noted that if you don’t have an education, both N-Power Health and NPower Teach will be out of your options.

Without a doubt, a lot of people will be faced with a dilemma in choosing between one of those options, especially if you don’t know how each of them works.

So, what are the options all about? Let’s take a quick glance through each of them to give you an idea on what to expect.

N-Power Teach

Volunteers selected for N-Power Teach will work on improving the delivery of basic education in Nigeria.

They will, however, not to replace the permanent teachers but instead assist with teaching, school management, and provide other functions within any school they are deployed to.

Some of their duties include

  • Professional Teaching
  • Researcher, Research Associate, Senior Research Analyst
  • Education Consultant, Associate
  • Strategy consultant
  • Education services manager
  • Project manager
  • Project supervisor

N-Power Teach recruitment is open to only those who have an education.

N-Power Health

Health Volunteers will help improve and promote preventive healthcare in their communities to vulnerable members of the society including pregnant women and children and to families and individuals.

Preference will be given to holders of Bachelor’s degree, HND, OND, in health sciences such as Medicine, Microbiology, Nursing, Public Health, Botany, Midwifery, Psychology or other allied disciplines in the sciences.

In other words, only people with an education can choose N-Power Health for this year’s recruitment.

Volunteers will work as Health Education Specialists, Health Promotion Coordinator, Public Relations Manager, Breastfeeding Support Coordinator, Health Office Administrator, among other options.

N-Power Agro

Volunteers for N-Power agro will provide advisory services to farmers across Nigeria. Their fundamental duty involves the disseminate the knowledge that has been aggregated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the area of extension services. They will also have the responsibility of gathering data on Nigeria’s agriculture assets.

The opportunity to select N-Power Agro is open to all of this year’s applicants.

If you have a passion for Agriculture, then this is the best option for you because it can set you on the course to become a specialist in some of the following areas:

  • Agriculture Extension Services Consultant
  • Seed fertilizer and other input aggregators
  • Farm managers
  • Public sector jobs in agriculture
  • Farming co-operatives management
  • Agro-entrepreneurship

N-Power Creative

Also known as N-Creative, this is one of the options available for interested NPower applicants. Perhaps you’re interested in applying for N-creative and, therefore, want to know what it is all about.

See how it works:

N-Power Creative is intended to train and bring out the creativity in young Nigerians with potential. This will in return help put Nigeria’s creative industry on the global radar as exporters of world-class services and content.

Meanwhile, volunteers have the option to choose either Animation, Graphic Design, Post-production, or Script Writing

This year’s N-Power recruitment permits both educated and uneducated applicants to apply for the N-creative option.

NPower Build

Npower build is an accelerated training and certification (Skills to Job) program that engages several young unemployed Nigerians in order to assist them in becoming a new crop of skilled and highly competent workforce of technicians, artisans and service professionals

Also, for this year’s N-Power recruitment registration, the option to choose N-Build is available to both educated and uneducated applicants.

Volunteers are expected to work at the following sectors:

  • Building Services
  • Construction
  • Built Environment Services
  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Aluminium and Gas

N-Power Tech

This option basically covers the technology industry in different areas, and it is open to both graduate and non-graduates. However, preference will be given to applicants who have problem-solving skills, the ability to undertake self-tutorship, among other skills.

The N-Power Tech for developers program will train, tool and position thousands of applicants to become software developers for the local and international software development market.

Which option do you think is the most appealing for N-Power 2020 recruitment?

What next after completing N-Power registration online?

Within a few days, NPower will send you an email confirming your registration. Furthermore, the email will contain all the necessary details regarding your registration for Npower recruitment 2020.

Usually, NPower announces the date for aptitude tests. The date you’ll have to take the test depends on the category you chose during registration.

Once an aptitude test date is set, make sure you don’t miss the test except you want to forfeit your opportunity to join the Npower program.

Aside from taking the test, you must also perform very well. It is important to perform well, considering the large number of people you’re competing with. That way, you’ll stand a good chance of getting selected.

In the event that you end up selected, you’ll need to be present at the physical verification center. You will receive an email containing all the vital information.

The physical verification exercise takes place for the purpose of fishing out false documents — including birth certificates, School Leaving Certificates, state of origin, etc.

Therefore, you must be able to provide enough evidence to back up whatever information you filled in during registration.

Failure to provide the documents you uploaded during registration will hamper your chances of joining Npower.

How much is N-Power salary?

Regardless of the option you choose, you’ll receive a monthly stipend of N30,000. You’ll also receive a computing device which will aid you in carrying out your responsibility.

For now, that’s all about applying for NPower online. If you’re interested in staying updated, feel free to follow us on Facebook. There, we share all the necessary updates regarding NPower.

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